Worried sick

I have had a recall for further tests following a routine mammogram and am quite literally worried sick! I am 62 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer 23 years ago, a mastectomy and 5 years of tamoxifen followed, since then all has been fine…but, a routine mammogram a couple of weeks ago showed a small area needed to be rechecked…I have an appointment on Monday, but cannot shake off this horrible feeling of having to go through it all again…I really don’t feel strong enough to take any ‘bad’ news…I am in total panic mode…I know lots of women ( and men ) are facing the same, I just needed to sound off!!

Hi Mrsmillie,
Thankfully, all’s been well so far & hopefully, it won’t come to it, but at the worst, IF it is bc, then the mammo has most likely done it’s job in picking it up early - although, of course, you need this like a hole in the head, especially as you’ve been there before.
As ever, it’s the uncertainty when waiting that’s so hard, as it’s difficult to keep those anxious thoughts in check.
As you know, many of us here, myself included, were diagnosed following routine mammo & are now thankfully well & getting on with life.
If you want to, do let us know how you get on.
ann x

Hi MrsMillie, I’m sorry you have this worry especially as you’ve been though it all before, once is enough for anyone! Hopefully all will be well on Monday , we will be here if you need us but truly hoping you won’t. Xx Jo 


Great news just what we want to hear!! Xx