Worried that I have Paget's

I am convinced that I have Paget’s. Last summer I noticed some dry skin in a crevice in my nipple and removed it. Since then Ive had a small scab that has not responded to months of antibiotic cream, cortisone, antif-fungal cream. It scabs over and when the scab falls off it is raw. Last night I realized it is oozing some serous fluid that is reddish that must be what is forming the scabs. I have an appointment with my n/p in 4 days and am going to insist on a biopsy. I have a family history of breast cancer and have been taking ralaxofine for 7 yrs as a preventative of invasive b/c. I understand that Pagets is very rare but this doesnt match anything other than Pagets. Hoping someone can talk me down from my fears! Has anyone else had this close a match to Pagets and had a negative biopsy?

Hi Mary,


no no experience with paget’s I’m afraid. But I do know from personal experience how things can seem very real…i.e. Symptoms can appear which convince us we are suffering from our worst fears.


maybe other things can cause dry skin on the nipple…also, I have a sore in the crevice of the corner of my mouth, which I have had on and off for a couple of months…this can be a sign of a form of cancer, but my gp said it isn’t 


I also had reflux for ages on chemo and coughed up blood specs, which I thought might be oesophageal cancer…,especially as I’ve met two people recently who had those symptoms and have got oesophageal cancer…


I realise how serious your family history is for you, but all you can do is try to get checked out as soon as you can and Maybe,  park the anxiety till you are seen…


i do hope you find find that you are totally wrong Mary…we often are…even in the face of strong convictions.

the mind plays havoc with us.xx. Please let us know how things go.


much love


Hi Mary,
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ann x

Well done Maryxxx