Worried waiting for appointment !!


Thanks for listening ?

I went to my GP a couple of days ago, as I had a lump and discomfort in my breast. She checked and was concerned, saying it didn’t feel like a cyst, so has referred me through the 2 week path. I am due to go on holiday on 28th Feb. When I mentioned this to my GP, she said I may be best putting that on hold! 

Do people know, if the news was bad from my appointment, would treatments be started immediately? 

I don’t know whether to cancel my holiday now or wait and see?! 

Hi Amash,

IF it is bc, then the team are usually happy to accomodate holidays. Quite a few ladies here have continued with holiday plans around diagnosis as a few weeks here or there doesn’t make any difference, so see how you feel about it. Hopefully, all’s well anyway.

ann x