Worried what am I facing

Hi all,

I found a lump in my left breast went to the dr and they referred me straight away, my appointment came through the next day and my hospital appointment is in 11 days, my question is what will they do at this appointment and does the dr think it’s a tumour which is why I’ve been referred so quick also should I take someone with me

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I believe I am right in saying that all referrals go through on a two week wait (in the UK) so the fact that your appointment has happened so quickly should not mean anything in itself.
When I went, I had a mammogram, an ultrasound and a biopsy on that first appointment. I was told they couldn’t be sure what it was and I would get results in two weeks. The biopsy was only required because the lump was suspicious, I don’t think one would always be required (i.e. if they can tell it is not suspicious). I went on my own.
My GP had said to me that she felt more comfortable referring because ultimately she couldn’t guarantee what she was feeling and it was always better to get it checked.
I can’t remember the statistics, but lots of lumps turn out to be nothing to worry about. I hope your appointment comes around quickly, that it all goes smoothly and that it’s all absolutely fine. :heartpulse: Let us know how you get on. X


Hello love83
I’m so sorry you find yourself on this forum and you have these concerns, it’s horrible when Saturday nights are meant to be full of fun
Your concerns are very understandable, and are the same ones so many of us of have had: both those who have had a cancer diagnosis and those who have not.
If you read through some of the posts on here you will read time and time again that the worst part for most people is the not knowing, if you are unfortunate enough to receive a diagnosis and a treatment plan, believe it or not that is easier to deal with than the not knowing
Unfortunately the only person who can tell you whether or not you have breast cancer will be when all the tests have been carried out (if you want to find out what the different tests are there is lots information on the main BCN site, but it’s likely you will have a mammogram, an ultrasound and probably a biopsy).
I wouldn’t read anything into your referral being quick: there isn’t any reason for this to happen: IF it is breast cancer, it’s slow growing so urgent referrals are not something to cause undue alarm, a quick referral just means quicker answers
At your appointment they will try to do all the tests they can, but a definitive diagnosis can only be confirmed when biopsy results have been analysed so you maybe required to return, they may however be able to tell you that it is something not to be concerned about at your initial appointment
IF (and that is a big IF) it is, then please be assured that most breast cancers are very very treatable and the treatments available today have come along way particularly in the last 20 years, you would be very surprised by how many breast cancer survivors you walk past in the street every day.
Please feel free to pop back onto the forum at anytime and post any other questions or concerns: in a slightly perverse way being part of breast cancer world brings you into contact with some of the loveliest kindest people you will ever meet.
For the time being, I would recommend confiding in a friend or partner your concerns regarding your upcoming appointment, believe me it makes things much easier to process by talking to someone.
Sending you lots of love and hugs for your appointment
AM xxx


Thanks to both of you for your replies I have 4 children and my eldest daughter had kidney cancer age 14 it was 4 tumours on her left kidney I have spoken to my best friend as I don’t want family knowing until I know what’s going on they will stress and my children will worry I’ve just turned 40


Hello again at love83
I’m so very sorry you have already been through your daughters diagnosis I sincerely hope she is doing OK (my daughter is 14 and thankfully had no major health scares but my heart goes out to every parent who has had to face such a horrendous situation: a very dear friend has faced it) is it easier to deal with your own diagnosis or not, it’s impossible to say.
Sending you lots of love and keeping my fingers crossed for you: the majority of detected lumps don’t prove to be cancer but I appreciate that the statistics of “1 in …” are scant comfort when you are the “1”
AM xxx


I don’t really have much more to add than the previous supportive comments but I was examined by the surgeon first with a chaperone . I then went to have a mammogram followed by an ultrasound with a core biopsy . For me as they were sure it was a cancer they then put some clips to identify the edges and sent me for another mammogram . I then went back to see the surgeon and he told me the next plan . I decided not to take anyone with me and I was ok with that - I was able
To process it all. I then went back 3 days later with my husband to
Get partial results and a surgical plan . Very efficient , very supportive . There were many more ladies there though that had positive news and were just reassured and left … I really hope it all goes well for
You .


Thank you, I hope your better soon if that’s the right thing to say x

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Just an update has a biopsy today now the two week wait begins, they said to have someone with me for the results x