Worried with indentation

Hi there
I found an indent at the top of my right breast which I’ve never noticed before, I also have pain in that area. I have lost weight (intentional) and my husband thinks it’s might just be that. Should I get it checked just to be on safe side? There is no history that I am awear off but I do not know my father’s side of family.

Thank you

Hi caz, a lot of breast changes are harmless but also any breast changes should be checked out , it will put your mind at rest , im sure the other ladies here will tell you also to get it checked.
Take care
Jules x

Thank you. I will get it checked but will have to wait till Monday good thing I have a busy weekend lol x

Lol same here x

Not fun x

That it isnt caz, i was up breast clinic in march because of change in breast they ultrasounded 2 small areas and said it was fine. A week later found a couple of lumps in shower so went back to dr after protest, so now have another appointment in april. Still in pain and a few small rice grain type of lumps around the one bigger lump but keeping positive, thinking of you
Jules xx

Hi caz hope you had a nice weekend did you go to doctors
Jules xx

Hi Jules
I had a nice weekend thank you hope yours was OK.
I did go to the doctors they have said that it is most likely coursed by my weight loss and that I have no breast tissue in that area and that she could not feel any lumps. She has said that if the area is still painful after my next period I should go back.
I’m not 100% convinced so I shall keep a close eye on things and go from there.
Hope your doing OK xx

Hi caz, so pleased for you but definitely keep an eye on the situation. Yes a very busy weekend for me, monday cant come quick enough my boob and underarm very tender and a lot of pain and another lump so still keeping positive probably my age as im 51 haha . Will let you know how i get on keep in touch
Jules xx