Worried yet again!

Hi All

Yet more mental torture.! Finished treatment 18 months ago and am still a wreck!

Think every pain is something awful and almost live at my poor GP’s!

Anyway for the last two weeks I have had slight lower back ache when I bend and occasionally I get a pulling pain in my groin.

I went to Gp and she examined me and said " You just have a bit of backache - that’s it". I asked her could I go for a scan and she said “No if I thought you needed one I would send you and I don’t” . She said if it wasn’t constant and there at night it was nothing sinister. Has anybody else been told this?

Anyway I contacted my onc who is brill and knows what I am like and he said the same “You cant be given scans for every day aches and pains and you have to trust proffessionals”.

Problem is I cant. I keep thinking what if they are wrong? I know tamoxifen can give joint aches etc but am still in a state.

Basically I suppose I am asking has anybody else been told it has to be constant and keep you awake for it to be bad.?

Sorry to go on but feel awful.

Love Alise x

Hi Alise

It sounds like you are feeling quite anxious. Sometimes it can help just to talk to someone about your fears and concerns. Have you thought about ringing the breast cancer care helpline? Here you can share your worries confidentially and the staff who are either breast care nurses or trained staff with experience of breast care issues will be able to offer you support and advice.

The number to ring is freephone 0808 800 6000 the lines being open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm. I hope this helps.

Kind regards
BCC facilitator

Hi Alise,

I was asked by my clinic if I would volunteer to do a stress reduction programme over 6 90 minute sessions. This involved meditation and yoga and we were given a lot of notes on coming to terms with our fears. It also explained in some depth how stress can affect your health. They gave us the meditations on CD and I find them very calming and good for getting focused. I found the whole thing very beneficial as I was only a few weeks post chemo when I started. Is it possible you could maybe find something like this in your area?

Hi Alise
I had exactly those symptoms earlier this year (2 years tamoxifem) and was convinced that it had given me endometrial cancer!! i was due my check up with the nurse practitioner and so spoke to her about it…although i was ‘ticked off’ for not going to my GP… not because i should have gone anywhere quicker, but because i shouldn’t have saved it for her…anyway they did some blood tests (all negative) and i haven’t had those symptons since…so i guess it was definitely in my head…it wasn’t contstant and didn’t keep me awake…

hope this helps…?

Hi Alise

Of course we are going to worry about every ache and pain, just think what we have been through, i do not think there is one person on this site who is not worried, they must be superhuman if they are not!!

When i asked my breast nurse about MRI scans as well as mammograms when she told me my lobular cancer might not show up on a mammo, i also got told i would be sent for a scan if SHE thought i needed one! I even offered to pay and was told the same thing they would only refer me if THEY thought i needed one. So I know exactly how you feel. I had a niggling pain in my groin, was convinced it was ovarian cancer, got myself so worked up about it i had to see my GP. He was wonderful, so patient with me, explained it was due to my irritable bowel and then it went, only to recur when i am stressed! He was right of course!

My GP is fantastic though, he is so understanding, he says i can see him over every little niggle and worry and he will not be put out in the least however many times i go, he would rather a trip over nothing than me sitting at home worrying and working myself up into a state! Says I have been through enough already and thinks how he would feel if it was his wife. His name is Dr Guy Skilton and he is wonderful, so there are some fantastic GP’s out there who are easy to talk to and really do put their patients first, just with my breast unit were as approachable.

What we all need is someone to lighten our burden, we don’t need to feel that we are a nuisance or bothering someone with something trivial, it is not trivial to us not when we are recovering from an illness that had the potential to end our lives, it is all very well for us to be told we should have gone to the GP but these nurses and surgeon at the breast unit go home every night cancer free and never give us a second thought, they are paid to look after us and that is exactly what they should do. I am now receiving much better treatment since i have made a formal complaint against my breast unit and hospital, i am actually being listened to at last and made to feel a human being with feelings and fears not just another nuisance taking up their time.

Good luck to everyone out there,

Hi there,

I have just been to the Dr’s this week with pains in my side, tunmmy etc and she asked me several times “and the pains, are they troubling you at night and do they keep you awake?”. Each time I said yes, and as a result she has organised an ultrasound appointment. So, I think Dr’s do hold some store with this theory. I know how you feel though, as I am the same, every ache and pain throws me into a panic, howvever much I try to be logical.



Hi Alise

I don’t usually take much notice of aches and pains, even BC has not affected that side of me I am oblivious to any possibility of recurrance or spread… it’s called denial I think!!! But, I had lower back pain that started back in July this year and appeared literally over night (finished treatment February this year), it wasn’t a pain that affected my lifting, moving or every day chores and I carried on as usual during the day. It was the night time that was really bad and I was kept awake most of the night through the pain, I continued like this until the start of November when I finally thought it might be prudent to mention it to my GP. He thought it was nothing and gave me stronger analgesia, which I must admit did not help. On examination he found one area along the spine that was excruiciatingly painful.

Since then the pain has radiated into my right hand side so I had bloods taken a few weeks back. The only problem found was a raised Urea level! As it was I was due to see my Onc the next week, so a letter was sent over to them. Anyway after a full examination I was declared fit and well and my onc was more concerned that I have not had a mammogram since before diagnosis, on my remaining boob. So an urgent referral has gone in for that and a scan for the mastectomy side - no scans for my back pain or side pain though. Funnily enough I have just had a week of pain free nights, that again occured over night! So I’m back to normal for me, panic over!

I hope your back pain settles like mine did , it took nearly 5 months but I am pain free and off the pain killers now - non the wiser for why it was painful at night, but hey I’m not complaining!


Thank you all girls for your replies.

Lynn - isn’t it strange that as soon as we are examined and told the pain is nothing that it seems to go? My friend is a psychologist and she is a great believer in psychosomatic pain - ie you feel a twinge one day and then you become so aware of it that your head perpetuates it and it gets worse and then the second we have a test/scan it goes?

Anybody else found this? I know when I had rib pain I was in agony and then after a chest xray was all clear the pain went the very same night!

Interesting thought?

Love to all

ALise x