Hi all

I’m a 26 year old female, no history of breast cancer (though have other cancers in the family). I naturally have quite lumpy breasts but found a hard lump a couple of weeks ago. GP has referred me to a breast clinic and am awaiting an appointment. I seem to have some raised lymph nodes under one armpit and although both of my breasts are ‘puckered’, the one with the lump is worse. I’m very hopeful it will be a fibredonoma (benign tumour) but would like to hear from anyone who has had similar symptoms. A worrying time!

Hi Caz

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place for support. While you are waiting for other forum members to reply to your post I have put for you below the link to one of BCC’s publication on being referred to the breast clinic. I hope you find it useful. If you need to talk to someone in confidence the helpline staff are here for you. Calls to the helpline are free, 0808 800 6000 open Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm and Sat 9am - 2pm

Referral publication: breastcancercare.org.uk/server/show/nav.718/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/59

Hope this helps. Kind regards.

Jo, Facilitator

Hi Caz I’m waiting to go to appointment at breast clinic don’t think I can be of much help just wanted to let you know your not on yr own -Im 48 married with 5 boys - my appointment with gp was 16th March such a long wait - I went to GP with painful breast examined and GP found lump - referred but appointment not until 13th MAY - seems like a life time away - worrying myself silly with the what ifs - and feeling very paranoid - yesterday I noticed painful boob now bigger than other - have appointment with GP again tomorrow eve to mention new development and hopefully to get appointment brought forward - hope your appointment comes through soon and you don’t have long to wait

Thank you! It was really nice to have your reply and I think the waiting is by far the worse thing. I hope they bring your appointment forward; that seems a really long time to have to wait. Fingers crossed we can both have our minds put at rest soon!

Hi Caz (and Lindy)

Ive posted a couple of times on here about the waiting! for me its been the biggest nightmare so far - I know that sounds melodramatic given what some of the women on here have to deal with after diagnosis … but it seems to take over your life - the not knowing!

I had my mammogram and ultrasound three weeks ago, followed by biopsy almost two weeks ago but still no results from that - Im playing the “no news is good news” game at the moment just to help me get through each day. I do sympathise with you guys - and lots more ladies on here do too … Just keep “chatting” asking questions and sharing your thoughts - its really does help honestly!

Best of luck to you both.
Sue x

Thanks Sue and Lindy. Sue - I hope your results come back okay and Lindy - that you manage to get the appointment sooner.
I now have my appointment through for Monday and am seeing a consultant. I thought it’d be a nurse I was seeing? Can anybody tell me what to expect - I already know I won’t be having a mammogram because of my age.

Thank you.

Went to see doctor - as is sods law by the time I went to see her the swelling in my breast had subsided - she examined me again and said nothing has changed (into which i read lump still same size) she said she will write to breast clinic and see if she can get appointment moved forward - BUT can not promise anything so still playing the waiting game - hope all goes well for you x

Hi Caz
I m not sure what type of examination or tests you will have if they have already said you wont have a mammogram. Maybe an ultrasound ? I had both first of all, but Im 46 so probably fall into the age category that mammograms work better for,
Im sure they will explain everything to you in advance, and if not please please ask … I live in Spain and have the truama of the language barrier so my ability to ask questions is sometimes limited! but I think its so important to understand all that they are doing and why … Im sure there are other women on here in your age group who could may be give you more info on what to expect.
Best of luck !

Sue x

That must be difficult Sue, with the language barrier! How has the treatment been in Spain?
I’ve been told it’s because of my age that I won’t have a mammogram…so I assume that means an ultasound. I’m curious as to whether they deinitely do a scan or whether they might make a diagnosis on examination alone? Also - how long can I expect to be at the appointment?
Thanks you for all the responses.
Caz. x

Hi Caz

The treatment/tests so far have been really good, its an equivalent NHS hospital not private and I cant fault how quickly they originally saw me after the doctor referred me to them, mammogram and ultrasound were done on the same day and biopsy within a week after that - its just the waiting thats been the biggest problem, but again Im working on no news is good news! sure if it was really sinister they would have called me by now - I just need the final word that all is ok so Im desperate for my appointment. The last radiologist I saw spoke brilliant English so that was a lot of comfort for me - at least I could ask “proper” questions and fully understand his answers!
If you are going to the hospital or clinic I cant imagine they will go just by examination alone ? An ultrasound would be a more probable option. The waiting will depend on the hospital I suppose - the mammogram suite I went to was really quick - had the M on time, and they kept me back for the ultrasound and I only waited maybe 30 mins - so it was around 1 hour in the hospital in total, the biopsy was on time as per my appointment and I was out within the hour … but I suppose some hospitals or clinics have more patients with fewer facilities!!
If I were you I would take someone with you if you can - not for any bad reason, but I found it really supportive and calming to have my hubby with me just so I could panic, talk, be quiet, whatever I needed to do - and its easier with someone else there I think.
Take care and best of luck

I have just returned from my appointment. It was an interesting experience. I had an examination followed by an ultrasound and a core needle biopsy…I am a little sore now. Getting the results on Thursday which seems quite quick?
Sue, have you any news yet? Hope all is well - good to hear you have been well looked after in Spain and have been able to ask things.
I am still hoping its a fibroadoma - if so, can I ask to have it removed?

Caz xx

Hi Caz

Glad to hear your appointment went ok and that you had all the tests done in one go - Im sure thats much better to manage than waiting weeks inbetween appointments. I have no results still!!! Its driving me mad some days to be honest, but Im going to try and phone the hospital again today.

Im really pleased that you will get your results this week (even knowing you have the results appointment is a big plus in my opinion, if I knew when mine was then at least I would have something to focus on).

Im not sure if you can actually request it to be removed , different stories on the forums relating to fibro´s - some have been left in situ, others removed - I think its based on a number of factors as to what your options are. Rather than try and guess I would just make sure you continue to ask questions when you go for your next appointment - and if they want to take it out ask them why, what are the benefits etc … just make sure you are always comfortable and satisfied with the answers to your questions.

Best of luck on Thursday - keeping everything crossed that you get the best possible news.

Love Sue xxxxxxx

Thanks Sue.
Have you heard anything yet? That’s awful you have been kept waiting so long. I wonder if it’s because some hospitals do not have a pathology department on site so the results take a little longer to come back? Hope you are well anyway and have had some good news.

I go back tomorrow to get my biopsy results which I am still quite sore from. This has been the most surreal few weeks and this site has been an excellent source of support.


Hi Caz

Hope you get the result you want … let me know how you get on. Im on holiday for a few days now so on Monday when everything is almost back to normal after the Spanish Easter Hols Im going to hassle the hospital again!

Take care of yourself and I will keep everything crossed for you to get good news.

Sue x

Hi Sue

Thank you for your email. I got my results last Thurs and was so relieved to learn it is a benign tumour. It will be operated on at some point over the coming months.

I do hope you get similar good news soon - I will be logging on still and have my fingers crossed for you! I think in these ‘waiting’ situations, the only people who truly understand are those who are waiting or have been waiting also!

Hope you had a good Easter weekend and managed to take your mind off things.

Caz xxx

Hi , ive waited 6 weeks for my appointment, and eventualy after going bk to the doctors twice they have fast tracked me , my appointment is now next monday , will i get my results then ?, and i totaly agree about how helpful it is on here and only ppl who are going through it understand how scarey it all is
Ali xx

Hi Ali
I’m glad to hear ou’ve got a quicker appointment; it’s awful waiting for it.
I think it pretty much depends on what tests you may have done as to whether you get any results at the actual appointment. In my case, I had an examination, an ultrasound and then a core biopsy. The core biopsy results only took three days to come back and I had to go back to the hospital to get them. I think it varies hospital to hospital but the nurses were so nice that the actual experience was no where near as bad as the waiting! Good luck for Monday.
Caz. xx

Hi Caz

Thats really good news and I am so pleased for you that it was benign. I am still postive my results will be the same - sad thing is it is one month today since my biopsy and I cant get the bloody hospital to tell me anything about an appointment when I call them - I am going to spend my lunchtime hassling them again today - it really is bad practice to keep people waiting so long. I can understand that I may be low on THEIR priority list if the biopsy results were negative for BC - but I dont know that until they actually tell me - and during that time the stress has been pretty difficult to manage sometimes.
From what I can gather every Country has slightly different way of doing things, and every local health authority also has their own methods of testing and giving the results so for you Ali I cant honestly answer when you will get them, but I will be thinking of you and hope you get good news.
In the meantime this forum is brilliant for keeping your sanity levels at a good level! The waiting game has been a nightmare for me but the ladies on here have been a fantastic support!

Take care and I wish you all the best in the future Caz - Sue xxx