Hi, I was diagnosed with b/c at my 1st breast clinic appointment which was quite a shock. I realised something was wrong when I had to have two mammograms, ultrasound and told I would need a biopsy. I was then seem by the consultant and the BCN, who is a really lovely lady. I was told that I have two tumours and that they were 99% certain that I would need a mastectomy. Anyway the biopsy results have confirmed that I have a 1 grade 2 ductal cancer and 1 grade 2 lobular. I am booked for a mastectomy + lymph clearance on the 23rd March. This has all happened in the space of 3 weeks and I just wonder if anyone else has experienced the lymph clearence because I’m really not sure what to expect. I’m very new to this and as yet I’m not familiar with all the abbreviations that are used. Quess I’ll learn as time goes on.

HI there Blue, sorry you’ve had to join us. You have pretty much similar diagnosis to me, I had all this exactly a year ago. Its good that they know to do MX straight away, they tried lumptectomy with me first but then I had to have MX so two operations in two weeks!
Anyway the lymph node clearance:-
you will wake up with a couple of drains in. One comes out pretty quick, the other after a few days. Really don’t worry about them coming out -I didn’t feel anything more than a tickle. My hospital gives you a small paper bag to carry them round with you, some dont so check if yours does as its really convenient just to lift and carry a little bag when you wander about.
Main thing for me was doing the exercises afterwards. My armpit was very tight and we just need to do the exercises and keep doing them - pretty much everyday from now on just to keep yourself in good nick.
Also after months of searching someone posted here a really good leaflet from the haven on preventing lymphodema. you could goodle the haven and find it, its much the ebst I could find by many miles.
Can’t think of anything else, maybe others can, all the best Nicola

Hi nicola, when I had my first mastectomy the hospital gave me a pillowcase to carry the drains in, but this time I took one of those long handled shopping type bags made of canvas and that was loads better. My armpit is very tight this time and I am massaging every day with aqueous cream which is helping to loosen things a bit, but I had no trouble the first time and got full movement straight away so hopefully you will be lucky. The only other bit of advice I would give is be be prepared for a few days stay as each of mine were a 5 day stay 5 years apart with different cancers and different surgeons.Lots of luck!! Rachel