Hi i wonder if anyone can help.

I was reffered to the breast screenig clinic over a month ago. My lump was drained and a biopsy taken all results came back to say this was a benigne fibrodinoma, i was offered to have this removed which i accepted.

I have had this removed today via a mammatome biopsy and thought that was it. I was advised that they would place a metal marker inside, however i was then asked who was my original consultant and that they were sending the sample for testing and that i needed to make a further appointment to have the results, I am now really scared as i dont understand why this needs further testing due to me being advised this was benigne. Please help

Please don’t fret, they are crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. There is a teeny chance (very very small) that there might be something there but it is a really, really small chance, the same as everyone else in the population who doesn’t have cancer.

This will be additional reassurance for you that they have looked very carefully at what they removed so you can be certain that it was just a fibroadenoma and not more sinister. So when you’ve had your appointment, you will KNOW it was all fine.

If you’re still worried and want to learn more about fibroadenoma, call the helpline in the morning. They are very knowledgeable and I’m sure will be able to put your mind at rest.

most things that are removed from someone body is sent for testing i had 2 lumps on my knees removed and they were sent for testing yet we knew before hand they were non cancer they have since come back its the norm for testing as cm said they just making sure they havent missed a thing


Thank you very much for your advice this has put my mind at rest.