hi im 17 and my breasts are really tender and have felt a couple of lumps above my breast by my chest and in my breast . im really scared and too scared to go to the doctors :frowning: anyone help please?


Have you got a friend who you can talk to about this, who could go to the doctor with you. There are lots of things that can cause lumps, 90% of lumps are benign and some can be dealt with really easily. You can ask to see a female doctor, or as a first stage maybe have a chat to the nurse.

You really should see someone, and let them know how scared you are, it is very normal to be scared when you find something unusual, but if you leave it you will only worry more.

If you need someone to talk to call the helpline tomorrow, they are really friendly and they know a lot, they are very understanding.
Fingers crossed for you

oh gosh.

yes i can see you are worried. But you are very young and your body is changing all the time and that could be why your breasts are tender.

But any lumps must be checked out. I know you are scared of the results and what it might mean, but lets say it is something that needs treating, then the sooner you get yourself seen, then the easier it is to treat.

Its scary going to the doctors, but its even more scary, by yourself, prodding the lumps and wondering what they can be.

So, I am going to be bossy. tomorrow ring up the doctors. Tell them you have lumps in your breast and need an appointment. If you can bear not to see your own doctor you will get an appointment quicker. You might be tempted to ask for a lady doctor, but to be quite honest if you get sent to the clinic you will probably have men, so again if you can stand a male GP you will be seen quicker.

The quicker you are seen, the quicker you will be assured that it is probably ok. Did you know 9 out of 10 lumps are not cancer, but some of them need treatment— so get yourself checked.

I wish i could give you a hug. I bet you have googled and found out all sorts of horror stories.

You could ring the helpline tomorrow they are nurses and trained for this sort of thing.