Hi Ladies.

I felt a small lump in my breast on Monday whilst breast feeding my son who is 18 months old.

I wasnt sure what I could actually feel, Ive lost alot of weight recently on Weight Watchers and wondered if it was in my head. I phone the doctors on Monday and went for my GP’s appointment today, as I also had two lumps on my stomach, which the gp is convinced are just fatty lumps.

He can feel a small lump in that breast, and has referred me. He said " if he was a betting man he would say its nothing, but I should get it checked for peace of mind"… Nice hes trying to put me at ease, but he cant possibly know.

My mum had breast cancer last year, not the hereditary type. Non the less I cant stop thinking about it. Im hoping they will send me an appointment in the next couple of weeks. Daft thing is when he asked me how long id had it, I dont know, its kind of underneath ( hard to describe, but not sure I would have felt it unless I was lying down )

I should have been more vigilant!, my mums was spotted on a routine mamogram in the muscle, so she probably would never have felt it!

Hoping this appointment comes round quickly, its now uncomfortable sometimes when Im feeding, but I think its because im constantly prodding and poking around :frowning:

I Wondered if there were any other ladies on the site, who are or were breastfeeding, when they were referred… thanks x

Hi Key0509, I was not breastfeeding when dx so no help on that score, but just wanted to say that you have done absolutely the right thing in going to GP and it will now be checked out. Most lumps are NOT cancer (I’m sure your GP will have said that to you, but of course you are worried especially given your mum’s recent experience. Don’t beat yourself up about being more vigilent - lumps are often incredibly hard to find and you have done very well to find it. Your GP is very positive and has done exactly the right thing in referring you. Unfortunately the waiting period is never good - but hopefully your appointment will soon arrive and then either your mind will be put at rest, or, if not, treatement will be sorted. I am keeping fingers crossed for you, love Mo xx

Thanks Mo for the responce.

Im trying really hard not to think too much about it. I was fine last week, then yesterday kept bursting into tears thinking how the kids would cope if it was bad news.

Since going to the doctors Ive noticed another lump small pea sized lump just above my nipple. The doctor didnt mention it when he did his examination … I might contact them tomorrow just to ask !

It will be so hard not to be paranoid going forward, just praying the appointment comes soon.

Again thankyou for the responce xx

Hi Key0509 and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the valuable support you have here our helpliners are here Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2 to offer you further support and information on 0808 800 6000

BCC have written a publication about referral to a breast clinic which you can read or order here:


Take care

Your emotions will be up and down - especially since at the moment you don’t know what, if anything you are dealing with. If you ring the helpline that Lucy mentioned you can talk it all over with them - they are great! I would really recoomend that you do that. And DON’T google, however much you want to - you will frighten yourself to death - keep well away from it!

Take care,


Hi Ladies.

I have my appointment at the breast clinic this morning, obviously hoping for the best, but concerned over what tests they will and can do ( stupid to be posting this now as I will know in 2 hours )

Leaflet says they wont do a mamogram if your under 35, im 31. It says if you need an ultra sound you would have to go back in 2-3 weeks, which I really dont understand as they know my age when they are making the appointment, so surely can book an ultrasound ??

Really hoping I find out more today. Hope all you other ladies with tests/appointments are coping well x

Hi key0509,

I really hope your visit to the clinic went well and that you don’t have anything to worry about.

Take care
Sharon (sillybum)