worried Hi,
My name is Heidi, i found a lump in my right breast, and made an appointment straight away. The only one available was with the practice nurse who told me it was probably hormonal and would dissapear after my period, well it didnt! So i went and saw a GP who reffered me on 8.6.07 to the breast clinic.
A couple of years ago i had a large lump in the same breast and had a scan, needle aspiration etc which turned out to be a cluster of cysts they said had been caused by me getting hit by a rounders ball very hard (i play for a ladies team).
Anyway, to cut a long story short… this lump is totally different, its a lot smaller, pea sized, hasnt been caused by any trauma to my breast and is worrying the life out of me! I spend all day checking it, even when i’m driving, wonder if theres a law about that, lol. I watch for the postman every morning hoping for a letter from the hospital. I have a husband and two children and i’m trying not to show how worried i am, even deleting this website from my “history” so they dont know ive been here. Sorry for going on, needed to offload, heidi

Waiting is horrible On Monday if you haven’t got a letter yet from the hopsital…be assertive…ring your GP surgery and check when referral made. Then armed with that information ring the breast clinic at the hospital and hassle for an appointment.

None of us can reasure you about your lump…you have to get it checked out. Whatver the outcome, even if its the news we have all dreaded…cancer…it will then in some ways be better than wiating.

This is a great site and whatever hapens you will find support here.

best wishes


I agree with Jane Hi Heidi,

sorry you’ve had to find yourself here, but glad you’ve found us! I must say I agree with Jane, in that if you don’t have an appt in the post on monday it wouldn’t hurt to hasten the gp a bit. For your own peace of mind and sanity as much as anything else. The waiting is prob the worst time of all as your mind goes into overdrive.

I only had to wait less than a week from my gp referral to my appt at my local hospital’s ‘one-stop breast clinic’. I don’t mind telling you that those few days were just awful. I could think of nothing else and ended up having to take time off work as my mind just wasn’t on it.

I totally understand what you mean about not wanting to worry anyone. I only told my boyfriend at first but eventually my mum picked up that something was wrong and I ended up telling her too.

Unfortunately for me the news was not so good but I’m well into my treatment now and am confident I will be here for some time to come yet!!

I hope your appt comes through on monday and that when you go the news for you is good. I will be thinking of you, please keep in touch and let us know what happens,

Take care,


Hi Heidi

It may be worth contacting your GP to ask if your referral was urgent or routine.

Urgent referrals are normally seen within 2 weeks whereas routine referrals take a lot longer - up to 8 weeks, or even longer in some areas.

Good luck. I hope it comes through soon.

Lola x