I am very worried and would appreciate any help anyone can offer. In january I coughed up some blood so went to see my GP. I had an x ray which came back clear. My GP reffered me to breathing clinic and the next day I had a call from the hospital giving me an appointment the following week. At the breathing clinic my breathing test was normal, I also had a ct scan of the chest. My lungs were thankfully normal. I went home so relieved.
Then last week I had a phone call from my gp saying my doctor wanted to see me following results of ct scan. I saw him the following day and was told something showed up on my scan, he then examined my breasts as did the nurse. Neither of them could feel any lumps. My doctor then said I would hear from surgeon. I asked if it was anything to worry about and he repeated I’d hear off surgeon.
I rang gp surgery a few days later as I was worried and confused and asked was I right in that I had to see surgeon. They confirmed that I had been referred to breast clinic. Does anyone know how long I will have to wait for appoinment as I am so worried. I live in Wales. I was told it would be soon as I’d had ct scan and a consultant had referred me, but not very soon. Does this mean I have breast cancer. I am so worried. I am single mother with young child.

Hi Kimir and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you will soon have here our helpliners are on hand to offer you further support on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Saturdays so please feel free to call to talk your concerns over

Take care


Hi Kimir. Please try not too worry I know it’s difficult. You should be seen by the breast clinic within 2 weeks, try giving them a ring directly explaining how worried you are, you may get a cancellation appointment. You could also try calling the surgeons secretary again explaining yourconcerns. The waiting around whether for treatment or results is the hardest andsometimes feel like they are taking forever. In the meantime try to continue as normal with your little one, how old is he/she? Do you have anyone close to you that you can talk to. Big hugs to you xxxxxx

Hi Cheryl
Thank you for your advice. My little one is 9 and unfortunately I have no-one real close that I can talk to. I have no parents. I speak to my sister a couple of times a week but it’s always when my daughter is around so I am unable to talk freely. I keep busy to try and keep from worrying and I carry on as normal with my daughter, she helps take my mind off it anyway, although I haven’t said anything to her about whats happening. I find it hard as I am alone a lot of the time, although I have always been strong mentally this has knocked me and I start to panic as soon as I think of it not for myself , but i panic just thinking of my little girl if it is cancer. I will take your advice and ring clinic and hopefully I’ll have an appointment soon. Thank you for the hugs, I needed them x x x

Kimir, I really do feel for you! :frowning:
Hopefully you will get your appointment through quickly, and will be able to get the answers you need.
As for whether this means you have BC, the answer is no - not at this stage. The chest CT has obviously shown something in your breast which needs further explanation, which will be done with a specialist clinical exam, imaging ( mammogram and/or ultrasound), and possibly a biopsy if necessary. these tests will tell you what is going on in your breast. The chances are very very high that whatever is there is nothing to worry about. CT scans, like MRI scans are very sensitive, as in they pick up lots of things, but not very specific, as in they don’t always show exactly what those things are. In order for those type of scans to be diagnostic and tell you exactly what is going on all sorts of other things have to happen too - for instance they need to be looking at your boobs not your chest, and there often needs to be ‘contrast solutions’ which need to be put into your veins to show up certain things. Mammograms and ultrasound are the best imaging for breast as they are both sensitive and specific for breast problems - anything suspected can then be confirmed with a biopsy.
I’m so sorry you don’t have many supportive people around, this is a hard place to be at the best of times, but both the helpline here and the forums are a great source of support. Please know that you can come here and say whatever you need - I check in most days, and will always respond if you need some support. Take care. X

Thank you at45 for your help and support. I know the ct scan I had done was with contrast dye. Again thank you for your kind words and it makes a difference knowing that there are people like you offering help and support, it’s made me feel less alone, thank you. Wishing you all the best, take care x

Hi Kimir, glad you are feeling a little better. A similar thing happend to me a few years ago, had a CT scan for something else that showed up a mass on my ovary the size of a coke can - it turned out to be a cyst, but we didn’t know that until a gyn doctor removed it and had it biopsied. It’s all very stressful! let us know when you get your appointment? Take care.

Hi Kimir, I hope your appt comes through soon for you, I was told by the GP 2 wks from referral (also in Wales) found lump 23/02 saw GP 25/02 told to go back in a week did go, they then ref to breast clininc, my appt is not until the 11/04, I spoke with the appt clerk who said that GP should not be telling patients they will be seen within 2 wks as this is not possible! so im trying to be positive and put it to the back of my mind, waiting patiently, all the best to you x