Hmnnn test results tomorrow
I went for routine breast screening
Got a call back
More images taken of my breast than I thought was possible.

Biopsies done same appointment.

Another call back.

More images more biopsies
In two different ways.

The drive said my breast tissue is so dense it was hard to get local anaesthetic in…

Think there is a lump too which is very very hard.

To top it all there are calcificationsome too which they thought were in my skin… its not
So stereo…biopsies done on those again same day…

I phoned last week to ask about results.
Nurse said some were in but we’re doing more tests on the other biopsies

Also couldn’t give results until it was in writing. .

So here I am. The night before results. Worried sick…

Has anyone else had the same

Very dense breast
Very hard lump
And calcification too.


Hi Annette, just want to wish you all the very best for your results appointment today. Take care  Sue x

Biopsy of calcification shows as pre cancerous.
Still waiting for results of the biopsies on the very hard lump.

Appointment with breast surgeon on Wednesday