I was diagnosed with IDC in my right breast in October 2013 and had lumpectomy and radiotherapy. My annual mammograms have been fine so far and my next one is due in May. Over the New Year a bruise has appeared on my left breast on the skin to the right of the nipple area. I have no pain, cannot feel any lumps and I don’t recall knocking myself. However last night I noticed that parts of my nipple appear to be slightly indented when I am laying flat, but not when I am standing. I am really worried now and just need reassurance about who to contact. Should I see my doctor when they are open tomorrow or contact my BC Nurse directly ( I have not had to see her since my treatment finished)? Am I overreacting?

Hi There

I do not think you are over reacting, as ladies who have gone through Breast Cancer, we always look for anyting unusual that may appear or look different. For your peace of mind i would call your breast care nurse and get them to take a look, to put your mind at rest.  Thats the beauty of breast care nurses they re alway there for you no matter how long ago your surgery was.


IF i have any concerns I will always call my nurse for reassurance.  Dont feel silly,and no you are not alone.


Best wishes


Aly Parker

Many thanks for your advice Aly. It is greatly appreciated. I have phoned and left a message for bc nurse so hopefully will hear tomorrow. Thanks again. Hopefully it is nothing to worry about.