I found a lump in my left breast about a month ago. It’s in the lower part of my breast. It’s hard, lumpy and about the size of a grape. It’s moveable when touched. Gp referred me as urgent. Appointment was through in 2 weeks but not until middle of August so another 4 weeks to wait. I was feeling relaxed about it but I’ve started to worry and stress. I’m 46.

Hiya, It’s so hard not to worry but as you have a few weeks to wait until your appointment it won’t do you any good to spend it in a state of stress and will just make the time drag so it’s best to try and keep busy and to your normal routine and when the panic begins to rise distract yourself and don’t allow it to take over. 


Most lumps are nothing to worry about so you have every chance of getting the all clear , it’s just not worth spending the next month fretting. Xx Jo 

Thanks, I was quite relaxed about it until the appointment came through. I’ll just have to distract myself. I’ve only shared this with my husband because I don’t want to cause friends unnecessary worry.