Good morning


I’m looking for some advice and reassurance please.


Around a month ago I noticed that my left breast was a little tender to the touch, there was no obvious lump or other symptoms so I put it down to the fact I’d recently been doing some exercises which involved press ups and planks and thought it was muscular aches.


Yesterday morning I noticed the pain was still there (it doesn’t hurt all the time, only when touched) myself and my partner have felt the breasts and we feel we can find different tissue in the left breast above the nipple; I wouldn’t call it a lump, it feels like thicker tissue and is quite long.


My breasts dont look different to each other when I’m relaxed but I’ve found that if I bring my arms up above my head the left breast then looks slightly different to the right.


I’m terrified that I have breast cancer and just keep thinking how I dont want to give up work or the other things I like.


I do have an appointment with my gp tomorrow but I’m just so anxious and can’t sleep.


I’m 37 by the way and in good general health


Thanks in advance