I posted a thread on breast awareness about this but things are still worrying me.
I went to doctors yesterday cos my right breast swelled up, has got larger and im in alot of pain with some hardening beneath the surface. My doctor siad I have mastalgia and although there is some nodule swelling its nothing to worry about. She has put me on strong painkillers (which arent agreeing with me at all) and told me to come back in a couple of weeks if things havent improved.
However today whilst checking some discharge came out my nipple - is there such a thing as normal dishcarge or should I go back asap?
Thanks for any help!

there is a benign condition called duct ectasia… i’m in the middle of having tests for it at the moment… (i had treatment for breast cancer in the other breast last year…)



Dear Concerned,

I feel sure you will get a lot of support from the other forum users but please remember that you can always contact the Helpline for advice and support about any of your concerns. They are open 9.00am-5.00pm on weekdays and 9.00am-2.00pm on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000

Kindest regards


Is that a condition your likely to get at the age of 28??

Nipple discharge can be for many reasons. What colour is the discharge? If it is clear, milky or greeny coloured it is likely to be from a benign condition. If it is bloodstained, then that could be cancer, but again not necessarily.

clear with specks of red which is what concerned me.

discharge can be quite normal, ie if ur on the pill u may get milky discharge or even if ur not u still could. stimulation could obviously cause discharge, they normally only worry about it if its bloody or browny coloured and from just one breast. the doc would be able to test the discharge for blood at the surgery by using a dip stick type strip-u kno the sort. so if ur worried go back and see them. i wouldnt worry too much though, because remember breast pain isnt normally a sign of cancer so im sure ur docs diagnosis was right. but itl put ur mind at ease anyway.

I went back to doctors after I came back from holiday at weekend and I have been referred to breast clinic which has eased my mind alittle as at least now I get a scan and they can tell me more.

Hi there

I remember your previous thread and I’m glad to hear you’ve been referred to the breast clinic. I think you need that for your own peace of mind so you know exactly what is going on. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you have and is there somebody going with you? I found it really good to have the support of someone with me and you can take them into your appointment with you so if your mind goes blank there is someone else there.
Elinda x

Hi there, thanks for your message I remember you too - how did hospital go?
My partner is going with me hopefully so I wont be alone.

Hi there

Glad your partner can go with you I found it made all the difference.

Thanks for asking about the surgery. I had a double mastectomy with a left sided axillary clearance - it all went well but wound broke down a week later they think because I had chemo first so I wasn’t healing so well. Anyway after having it all resutured things are on the mend and actually I feel very well.

Please do let us know how you get on.
Elinda x

Hope your still making a good recovery.
Finally got appointment yesterday after lost letters, and me and my partner breaking up so having to find someone else to come with me. Luckily my mum was free to come to Bristol to come with me.
Had ultrasound which was totally clear, I have hormonal problems again and the only treatment for it is hormonal injections once a month which can cause menopausal symptoms. They dont want to give them to me at present but if pain persists then it might be my only choice. The discharge is nothing also but was told to keep an eye on it.
So all in all a good result.
Thanks for all words of kindess and help.

Hello, I am currently waiting to go into hospital for duct removal as I had 3 breast infections over the last year. I just thought it was ‘one of those things’ so was totally blown away when after being referred for a mammogram the consultant said i needed to have an op and that there was a chance it could be cancer,but it may not be also. Of course at the moment i am taking the attitude wait and see but am worried obviously.

Hi Concerned

thanks for coming back to the site and letting us know. So pleased it was good news in so far as not cancer but sorry about hormonal problems. Also sorry about your partner - everything all happens at once doesn’t it.
Hope you improve lots soon.

Dawn - of course you must be worried and I hope that you’re having your op soon? Waiting is always really hard. A big hug to you.

Elinda x

Thx Elinda, going for a pre assessment appt thursday so hopefully they will schedule me then. btw I have a ginger cat just like your photo!