Worrying about Back pain

I am probably being silly but have had this dull back ache - not pain since the beginning of December. I told my lymphodema physio and she said I should mention it to the Oncologist. I have an appointment ( 3 month check booked for today anyway) so didn’t fuss. Now I’m feeling very scared…
Diagnosed Sept 08, Invasive lobular, 3 lymph involved,lumpectomy, full axillary node clearance,6 x FEC and 3 weeks Radiotherapy.Now taking Tamoxifen
Has anyone else had this at all…???

Hi Bethy

I also worried about back ache. I had a mastectomy in Aug08 followed by 7 months chemo and then started on Tamoxifen in Mar09. I had no node involvement but still worried. At my last 3 monthly checkup I asked for a bone scan and was quickly sent an appointment. I didn’t know what to expect from the scan but it was fine, it was waiting for the results that was a bit frightening. Luckily the results came back clear, with just some general wear and tear linked to my age, 57.

Feel free to ask for a scan as this will put your mind at rest. Hope everything goes well for you.

Take care

Jackie xx