Worsening cough

Hi ladies…looking for advice from anyone with lung mets and cough…been really worried since yesterday as my cough has got worse despite the oramorph. Just started my 6th cycle of cape and last night and today i cant hold a conversation without coughing and its changed from a dry cough to a really raspy “smokers” cough ( i dont smoke) and I’m occasionally bringing up saliva streaked with blood.
Tried ringing my bcn but answerphone is on…no-ones there.
I’m so worried that nothings working and maybe the tumours are growing. Because of the position…compressing on my windpipe…I’m at my wits end in case its spreading around it.
So sorry but i dont know where to turn ?
Bevlaar xx

Hi Bevlaar
I am sorry to read that you are so worried, it may be better for you to call the chemo unit at the hospital for advice rather than wait for someone to see your post here, I hope you get some help very soon

Take care
Lucy BCC

Bev if in doubt phone hospital and speak to chemotherapy ward or consultant secretary who should be able to direct you.
if no joy ask for urgent appt with your GP before end of evening surgery. best wishes Pamx

Bev, if you cannot get your GP for urgent consultation or BC nurse for advice, go to hospital, A&E.  You  might have to wait but they will look into it.  That is what I would do.  Take care.

Hi,bev,please ring the chemo ward as an emergency. They will know what to do. I only have slight dry cough with my lung mets and slightly out of breath but nothing like you. So PLEASE ring ward!
Huge hugs,Helen xxxxx

Bev I would definately go along to a&e as already suggested. If it’s of any comfort the tumour I ahd removed from my lung was at the point where the windpipe enters the lung and if as you’re afraid it’s compressing on it I would have thought an emergency Thoracotomy would be an option. Kick and scream until somebody takes action you shouldn’t have to but unfortunately it’s sometimes the way of things. Hope you’ve already been seen as I’m writing this.
Much love too xxx

Bev - I hope you’ve been seen by someone and would reiterate the comments below. I’m just replying to send you my very best wishes. I hope you’ve got some help and treatment.

Thinking of you.



oi ladies…just got home at 10.30 after a hectic afternoon. As usual a complete shambles at my local hosp…even though i was sent with an “admission” letter i was told at 5.30pm that it could be nearly midnight before a doctor saw me. By 7.30 was still waiting and my cape was due at 8.30 so should have eaten by 8. Nurse couldnt find any sandwiches so suggested I go to the restauran to eat and come back. Went there but it was shut! Nurses said i had to have xray and ecg and bloods before i saw doc but couldnt tell me when…and this was the hosp that failed to pick up my cancer last aug after doing xray!! Wasnt discovered then till may. So went home and rung my cancer hosp…different altogether. All i wanted to know was if i had an infection. Told me to go straight down to ward. Doc gave me good examination and took bloods. Think its possibly viral or the tumour irritating the windpipe. Even drew me a picture of where the tumours are to explain! So caring. She’s going to ring me in morning with my blood results herself. In the meantime gave me antibiotics to come home to cover all aspects . Just had shower and come tO bed…shattered!
Love bev xxx

Meant hi not oi! Haha xxx

On a lighter note my son went to cheltenham races today. Won around £150 and has tonight donated it all to Stand up 2 cancer. …caring lad xxx

Bev - great to hear from you, though not great to hear the way your hospital has treated you!


Your son is obviously a lovely, caring lad. A credit to you.


Hope you manage to get a good night’s rest.

Willl catch up with how you’re getting on later (can’t sleep, perhaps it’s the dreaded steroids again).

Oi made me laugh when it turned out to be a typo. I thought you were just shouting to wake us up!



Thank you so much ladies for your advice and kind words. Flo…your comment made me laugh about the “oi” ?
Yes the steroids will keep you awake! I was on them for 2 weeks and was up every night from 2am eating and cleaning. I was hyper!
Had a good nights sleep so waiting for the phone call from the lovely consultant now with my blood results. Good news is she didnt ring middle of night which she said she would do if the bloods showed something that would need me to be admitted. So its probably going to be reassuring.
Enjoy weekend everyone
Love bev xxxxx

Thanks everyone…haha that “oi” has raised a few smiles! Should have been “hi” but maybe i should keep it as “oi” and add “whats occurring?” after it!
Been a bit upset here again this afternoon…my daughter went upstairs crying. Ive had 2 coughing fits again where i coughed up saliva with blood about the size of the palm of my hand. I coughed about 6 or 8 times and each time there was blood. But then it stops and i feel better. Its like i can feel it clogging my throat.
The onc said they werent all that worried last time i mentioned it but to get to A&E only if i coughed up large amounts of pure blood not in the saliva but this afternoon it was more than normal. I didnt know what to do…dont want to go to A&E really.
It broke my heart to see laura so upset…it clearly frightened her too xxxx

Hi all…Have spent all morning in bed in the quiet. Surprisingly i dont seem to cough when I’m not talking! I have to go back to my cancer hosp in morning for chest xray as there was no one there to do it on Friday night so not bothering with A&E today. Not coughed any blood so far so with luck it will stay this way till tomorrow. The on-call Onc i saw friday thinks it could be that the 1 tumour near windpipe has changed position slightly and is now irritating windpipe or I’ve just got a viral infection. So suppose xray will show that. Can they move like that??
Hope everyone is having a lovely sunny sunday. I can smell my bread cooking in the breadmaker…yummy!
Love bev xxx

Thank you. I just wish they could help with this breathlessness. …i cant even make the bed without breathing hard and tonight i noticed i was breathless drying myself with a towel after my shower and couldn’t bend down to dry feet or pick things up off floor without panting!
I’m scared that this means things are getting worse. How bad is this going to get? ?
Love bev xxx

Hi Bev - hope things are improving for you. Sending you warm wishes.



Thanks for your kind words ladies. Youve all been so helpful and reassuring. Had my xray today and they got a doc to read it and give me results straight away… Theyre sure its an infection as there was nothing else of concern on the xray and they said that certainly nothing else had grown. I have antibiotics for a week and they said that a virus will attack my airways in future because of whats already there. The doc said the virus would also have caused the breathlessness to increase.
So big sigh of relief :relaxed:
I am feeling a bit better today though than on weekend.
Love to everyone and thanks again for listening to my moans
love bev xxxxx

What a relief, Bev. I hope the antibio’s are fast working.



I cant begin to tell you what all these lovely messages have meant to me…makes me feel all warm inside!!
To know that so many people are supporting you is so reassuring.
Huge hugs and grateful thanks (((( ))))
Love bev xxxxxxx