Would hypnotherapy help?

Hi Ladies

I’ve recently started having chemo following a BC diagnosis in the summer.  Having chemo was my choice as the benefit to me of having it would be quite small but, should I find BC returns at some stage in the future, I want to know I’ve done everything I can to prevent it.  I’ve had my second chemo session and it took me 5-6 days to begin to feel more like my normal self.  The thought of another four sessions is quite demoralising.  Has anyone experience of using hypnotherapy to boost a positive outlook which could also help the mental implications associated with this condition?  I know I’m lucky.  My BC is treatable so I shouldn’t be such a wimp but I wondered if this could help others too?  I use meditation and I get out for walks whenever the rain allows.  All in all, it could be a lot worse.  Hope others are feeling better and manage some nausea-free days in the lead-up to Christmas.  xxx

Hi Lookingahead,

I noticed that no one has answered to your message yet, but I hope you will get a response very soon from other forum users.

I’m sorry to read that you’ve been finding chemo hard to cope with and hope you will find some comfort chatting with your fellow forum users.

If you want to find out more about hypnotherapy and chemo’s side effects, please know that you can either ask questions to our nurseson our forum or email our nurses here. They should hopefully go back to you in less than a day and give you a response.

Otherwise, you can also call our free helpine on 0808 800 6000(open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm, Saturday 9am-1pm, closed on Sunday).

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Hi Lookingahead

I’m currently looking into Hypno myself, for different reasons than you. Mine for depression.

My bestie’s a hypnotherapist, but sadly, it doesn’t work so well with close contacts, otherwise I’d have no qualms to see her for treatment. But, I have first hand knowledge from her (she’s passionate about her work and very dedicated) of what she and it is able to achieve for mental positivity and confidence related problems. 

I would 100% give it a try. I think you’d be greatly surprised. It’s still very underated. Quite a few years ago, I experienced a weekend with a Hypnotherapist, for self hypnosis, and all of us had a nappy pin pierce our forearms to show it’s power, whilst in a trance state. I remember watching a tv prog, years ago, that showed Chinese people having surgical procedures whilst in a hypnotic trance state. But my with mental probs too.

Hope it helps, flower. Let me know if you go ahead with and it’s outcome. Equally, I’ll let you know if I do and it’s outcome.

Take good care,

Delly xxx