Would you like to pop the Champagne cork with me

Hi All

Just heard, my third annual mammogram is all clear. I can’t tell you just how relieved I am, I was worried about this one, don’t know why.

Wishing everyone else out there good news too.

Love Jan

That’s so wonderful. I’m really pleased for you. Enjoy that champagne.

God bless.


Hi Jan

congratulations, ive just had the all clear on my mri scan exactly a year since i got dx so im opening the champagne to. Cant wait to get to the 10 yr mark but thats wishing your life away, three years is a good sign and gives us all hope.

enjoy your drink


Well done girls - wasn’t going to have a drink today but you have given me an excuse to celebrate your great news!! XX

Congratulations to you both - enjoy your drinks - you deserve it


Congratulations and best wishes to both of you. Enjoy your champagne!

Love and take care


Thats great news, raising my glass to you now

Alison xxxxxxxxx

Great news Jan. Cheers!!!

Janette xx

Congratulations. I thought I was the only one that got in a state. I was a right mess when I had my first mamogram check up on 25 July.

Pop there goes the cork - yum lovely.

I think we are all amazing.

Hi girls

I cant believe the lovely messages you have sent to me, it makes me quite tearful in a happy way, knowing there are lots of friends out there I have never met. It makes me feel quite humble but very privileged knowing you girls. My heart goes out to everyone. Thank you for sharing in this with me.

Hugs to you all

Thank you from me as well, didnt mean to try and take over Jan, just been through hell waiting for the results so i feel as though i need to tell the world about the results.


Hi Tracey and my “invisible friends” (I like to call you this, hope none of you mind)

Don’t be silly, didn’t think for a moment that you were trying to take over, it just means we can have a double celebration, I am sure too that it gives encouragement to others that there is good news out there, that it isn’t just sharing the bad times but celebrating the good times. The more good news there is proves that it isn’t just isolated cases but a lot more common nowadays that this beastly disease can be beaten, its good to know that when we are feeling strong we can help all our other invisible friends and when we are having bad times our invisible friends are there to help us.

To everyone, not sure if I can get online again today, so I am thinking of you all. Claire, sweetie, chin up and be brave. It won’t be long until you are back here telling us that everything went well. When you get back, I’ll tell you a funny story.

Hugs and best wishes to everyone

I am so made up with your results - hope its a good omen for mine next month!
Was feeling a tad fed up this morning but much better now!
Love Laine


Just fantastic! Well done to you both. Will raise my glass to you this evening.

Much love


Hi Laine

Wish you good news next month, what date is it? What results are you waiting for?

Love Jan

Jan & Tracey,

CONGRATS to you both! Thats awesome news!!! I would certainly love to pop the champagne cork with you, and I know its not quite the same but I’ll raise a glass of cider to you both tonight.

Nice one ladies!

Take care,


Thank you kelly and to all, the support is amazing here,

love you all