Wound break down and radiotherapy delay

Hi all
Just wondered if anyone had any historical information about their experience with radiotherapy delay associated with wound healing problems.
I had therapeutic mammoplasty 5 weeks ago and breast with cancer that requires radiotherapy is experiencing every complication in the book. Fat necrosis and infection now slow healing and got vac dressing insitu. I have positive anterior wall margins and keen to start asap!
Concerned delay may affect benefit/ outcome of RT.
How healed must you be? How long after surgery is RT disadvantaged in its effects…. Anyone able to help?


Similar experience for me in 2022. Surgery early July and then wound break down at 4 weeks . My surgeon wouldn’t refer me for radiotherapy until
My wound had healed . Biggest problem was necrosis . As soon
As the wound was dry he referred me and I had my radiotherapy at the end of Sept . He told me
The ideal was 12 weeks . My skin managed fine on radiotherapy

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That’s good to know - thank you.
I read that radiotherapy optimum was 8 weeks and I can’t see me achieving that. I have a ‘pico’ vacuum dressing on currently and will see on Tuesday if that’s made any impact. Was doing so well then suddenly everything literally fell apart!

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Hello, I didn’t have infection, just stuck on a long waiting list. I read that a delay of more than 8-12 weeks increases risk of recurrence and my oncologist told me that my wait would increase my risk. It was 13 weeks in the end so not much more than the max in the optimal range. I hope you get it asap, it is such a worry xx

Optimal timing for adjuvant radiation therapy in breast cancer: A comprehensive review and perspectives - ScienceDirect

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Thanks for your replies…. Good to know I’m not the only one.