Wound infection and tooth abscess forming

Need I say more?  Yesterday I was really miserable and in pain, and today discovered my wound has become infected.  They took a swab!!!  That never happened to me before.  And - having had an abscess on my tooth before, different tooth, I recognise that I am getting one again on the other side.  I’m already have difficulty eating.  Maybe the antibiotics will help, but I have been reading about teeth and treatments, and it seems I need to get my mouth sorted out sooner, rather than later.


Hi Pecan, poor you! ? You are going through the mill. You need to get teeth sorted before chemo, if you are having that. The chemo isn’t kind to wounds and you don’t heal too well. I’ve lost a couple fillings + tooth during chemo, but my dentist wasn’t invasive and just packed the teeth ( or what was left!) until I can get them capped. This really is the disease that keeps on giving, isn’t it? Hope you can get some anti biotics ASAP to fix the proble. My wounds also got infected, but after taking antibiotics they have healed well. You really don’t need all this! Big hugs. X

P.S. Do you need the big girl knickers sending? ?