Wound infections

Hi all

I am very frustrated as due to start my chemo on Monday but wound under arm became pink and swollen on Sunday morning and I was put on antibiotics and chemo put off until next week. (had lumpectomy and full lymph gland removal) By this morning it was worse back to hospital and have been put on more antibiotics, Metronidazole, which I have been told may make me sick and cause diarrhoea - oh joy. They also cannot get any fluid out from my arm which now feels like a grapefruit.

I am gutted as now told chemo may have to be further delayed. Anyone got any explanation for how this has happend? My wounds have been healing extremely well and I have been feeling great back swimming, walking etc. I am not someone who likes sitting around and must admit pooh poohed taking it easy when I felt so good.

Anyone had any similar experience or can give good advise how to help myself prevent any further setbacks?


Hi Anne,
Spookily enough i have myself been to clinic today with pink and swollen underarm. Been put on antibiotics too for the week and luckily my chemo is not due to start for a couple of weeks so hopefully there won’t be a delay for me.
I can imagine you will be gutted after with the delay, we just want to get on with it now don’t we??
I’ve got no explanation for the infections we seem to have picked up, mine have healed well too, so who knows?? Sorry not got any advise how to prevent any further setbacks, but here’s hoping that the antibiotics will do their job, clear it up and we can crack on.
Good luck and best wishes xx


Thanks for your reply makes such a difference to know I’m not the only one and helps to know that I have not done something wrong. Was starting to get paranoid!! Like you I just want to get going with it, think I will be the first person to jump into my chair with great enthusiasm for my first chemo will be so glad to get there.

Feeling a bit more positive again now as been for nice gentle walk. Good luck with your antibiotics and hope it all clears up very soon.

All the best Anne xx

I’ve had 2 mastectomies and both of the wounds became infected, meaning that chemo had to be delayed. But, once the infections had healed, chemo went ahead and was fine.
Infections seem to be just one of those things. All you can do is take your antibiotice & hope it clears up quickly.
Love, Lynn

Hi Lynn thanks for that, reasurring to know that you went through the same twice! and it got sorted and chemo was fine.

Have been comforting myself with the nice snacky treats I bought myself for after chemo so will have to restock.

Anne xx