wound packing?

Hi everyone, I had my lumpectomy on the 1 July developed a bad infection within 5 days which resulted in my wound bursting open been having it packed and dressed since then,I then had debridement on the 29 July I’m still getting it packed now every other day, I’m really worried how long this will go on for? My orginal plan was radiotherapy but it is now possible Il be having chemo I know radiotherapy will not happen with an open wound but what about chemo? I just feel everything is taking to long my bcn has said I wont be starting treatment until at least October if anyone can offer any advice Il be very grateful! Feeling hopeless right now. Xx

Hi so sorry you’ve had problems. I too have an open wound although mine was down to a lack of blood supply to the skin which resulted in it dying off and being left with 2 open wounds following a therapeutic mammoplasty.
I had to put off chemo until the last possible time of 3 months post op. Anything after this and the benefit reduces I was told. However my lovely GP said there is never a time of no benefit. Ultimately I started chemo still with an open wound. On the first cycle I got sepsis and spent a week in hospital but was soon on top of it. I was kept in until my bloods returned to normal-ish levels. Had to fight to continue 2nd cycle. Argued that many of my friends met on here had been hospitalised with sepsis without an open wound. Since then have now completed 4 cycles of FEC the last one being 6 days ago. Compromised and went for 4 FEC instead of 6 FEC-T as the docetaxol is harder on the blood.
So hold on in there, they will want to get your wound as small as possible but it doesn’t mean you won’t get your chemo xxx

I am now hoping my wound will close in time for radiotherapy, again it’s supposed to be within 12 weeks of chemo finishing. Top tips I found. Do as little as possible, any friction on the wound aggregates it. It’s hard and deathly boring but the ultimately worth it. Also I took vitamin D supplements on the advice of oncologist and ate a very high protein diet. Am now off salmon completely lol. It seems hopeless now but will fly by.
Which dressings are they using? I started off on honey to deride dead skin and then changed to pico. Have never looked back. Xx

Thank you bottyboo for your reply I did type a reply earlier but goodness knows where it went lol! You’ve certainly not had a easy time neither I really do hope your wound has healed in time for radiotherapy, I will certainly take on board your advice too help recovery I will try anything at the moment! I’m waiting for results on my left breast also after re excision I’m really hoping it’s clear this time I really don’t fancy anymore surgery! As for the dressings I think there just bog standard I’m having I usually just have it done at my g.p surgery as my breast clinic is quite far away and I don’t drive apart from myself up the wall! With all this cancer carry on! I feel better just getting your reply and knowing delaying treatment wont be a major disaster.thank you and good luck with your radiotherapy. Xx

I would ask them if pico dressings would be available for you. It’s a normal looking dressing with a vacuum device attached that you carry around at all times (fits into a pocket or handbag). The idea being that the vacuum creates a negative pressure environment for your wound. This ‘sucks/pulls’ out any infection and it soaks into the dressing. Also it brings blood vessels nearer to the surface which helps with healing. It will cut down on the amount of times a week you need your dressing changed too. The practice nurses should be able to apply it if the first one is done in hospital. They will probably argue the cost but it is cheaper than all the visits plus you will heal quicker. It’s made by Smith and Nephew if you want to Google it. Xx

Thank you bottyboo I will certainly ask about pico at my next hospital appointment this week, noticed the time you messaged I hope you managed to get some sleep eventually! Take care Xx

Hi Livvy only just noticed that myself lol. My ignorant husband was snoring like a pig and it was either commit murder or try and distract myself xx

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Haha this made me laugh ? my other half is exactly the same! Within seconds of his head hitting the pillow he’s away snoring! I mean how is that even possible! I have to confess a few years ago I actually was so tired and his snoring was getting the better of me, I pinched his nostrils together… Next thing I remember he shot up out of bed gasping for breath id inadvertently fallen asleep with my whole hand covering his nose and mouth! Whoops! I never let on until many years later! Lol. Hope you slept better last night anyway! Xx

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Thanks for the tip ? I’ll try that, at least if he hops out of bed I’ll get some sleep. He’s just asked me why I’m laughing ??