Wound taking a long time to heal

Hello ladies,

I’ve had radical mastectomy on August 13 and my wound is taking sooooo long to heal. The scar on each side of where the breast was is perfect but there is a 1.5cm x 1.5cm that is still in the healing process. I have to see a nurse to change bandages every other day.

Anyone having the same experience ?

Best wishes to all


Hi Sonia,

I had my mastectomy on 14th September and my wound is a bit tight but mostly healed. I was able to stop using dressings about 3 weeks after the op. Everyone is different but yours does seem to be taking a long time. Do you have access to a dressings clinic or breast care nurse you could discuss it with? If not, I would suggest calling your surgeon’s office. I’m sure they would want to know if you were having problems.

Good luck, Jan xx

Hello Jan,

Thank you for answering.

I go to the dressing clinic every other day since my op and I see my surgeon every other week or so. She said that she wanted to avoid to do a graft so they pulled the skin quite a bit and they did remove a bit of the muscle underneath the breast. When I saw her 2 weeks ago, she said that she regrets not doing the graft but there was no way for her to guess it would take so long.

There is no infection and I see progress. As the plastic surgeon said, it could take a while. I guess I have to be patient… as we all have to with this disease :slight_smile:

Take care,

Sonia xx

Hi Sonia

My experience has been much the same as Jans but as she said we are all different.I think as long as you are regularly being checked which its sounds like you are then it may have to be a case of just sitting it out.

I suppose my only bit of advice would be to make sure you are having a good balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg to get a good range of vitamins to promote healing and reduce any chance of infection.Also,if possible make sure you have enough rest,Again to give your body a chance to heal.

All the best.
K xx