wound weeping

Hi all. My mum had her mastectomy on the 19th Feb. It has appeared to be healing very well but yesterday when she woke up it had been weeping. It’s not loads and it doesn’t smell. Its a bloody clear fluid. She is going to ring bcn tomorrow to see what they say but I was just wondering if anyone else had this happen to them? Thanks in advance. Hope you are all OK xx

Hi,my wound did the same but it was a yellow thick fluid. Is the breast red or hot at all as this could be a sign of infection. I took myself to the out of hours gp and she gave me antibiotics as a precaution . Speaking to the bc nurse afterwards she said it can happen from time to time during the healing process and is definetly worth getting it looked at just in case. Hope this helps xxx wax xxx

Thus has happened to me.Yes,get back to the BCN…May be an infection.please let yes know how she gets on.May require dressings everyday,which your mum can do herself…keep in touch…gentle hugs

Hi Bumblegirl
Along with the support and shared experiences here, the following information booklet from BCC ‘Your operation and recovery’ may be useful until you can speak to your Mum’s nurse tomorrow:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Scattyfox,  I know how you feel, I’ve had four weeks of visiting the nurse every day to get my wound packed. My skin is so itchy from the dressings I want to scream. 

it’s difficult sometimes to concentrate on anything else. My treatment is now delayed and I can’t see an end to it anytime soon. 


just been asked to make a video of my experience of bc and if I did it would all be beeped out.


take care





Hi, my tummy scar - following DIEP - leaked for about 4 weeks. Thankfully it wasn’t painful but I ended up soaking through bedding and clothing and dressings. It meant I was effectively housebound for that time as I could take the chance of soaking through things!
I ended up back in hospital anyway as I had a slight redness in the skin on the reconstructed boob which the district nurse noticed when she came to change the tummy dressing. I had no temperature and the redness was only slightly warmer than the surrounding area but i ended up needed the fluid drained off and another operation and two weeks in hospital on IV antibiotics. If you have the slightest concern get yourself back to the hospital and demand an ultrasound - they can see if there’s any fluid lurking beneath the surface.