Wow that hurts

Wow that hurts

Wow that hurts Come on own up, whose idea was it for the tequila slammers…all I can remember is 123 down the hatch slam…Bet it was you Lyn…wake up, how the hell did we end up under pier you lot, anyway hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Valerie were you really wearing that when you arrived looks very much something like one of the firemen was wearing…Roz you crafty devil did not know you could do so much with a firemans hose, well think I will go for a quick dip in the sea to clear my head…just spotted a life guard on duty, that will do nicely…lol

Thanks again for a wonderful party.

Whose birthday is it next???


a very merry un birthday! who cares whose is next we can party every day!!! lol!hope you are ok and not too hu ng over but did you really have to nick one of the donkeys, and ride up the high street?!! ill never live it down having to explain to that nice policeman what you were up to!!!and can you please give him back his truncheon!!!catch you later,going to gargle as ive had more teeth out today .yake care love lynn xx

Have yu sobered up yet Elaine! Sorry to be so late but I have only just surfaced…a fireman’s hose and a policeman’s truncheon all in one night…Wow that was one hell of a party - how old were you by the way, or don’t we ask a lady her age!

I’m just having a hair of the dog! (by the way you are only one day older, not a year older…that’s the way I see life now!)

Still feeling rough Hi Roz,

Since you asked I was fortytwelve yesterday…lol…think i will join youfor an hair of the dog…tee hee


Hi Elaine I’ve just had a peek at your photo and you are looking bloody good for fortytwelve…

Only one drink tonight though…I am not chasing those policemen and firemen again tonight…I’m too bloody old now, I might get a heart attack! (Hmmmmm…can’t think of a better way to go though!)