Am struggling, partner trying to be supportive be he is struggling.  Doctors Monday am get signed off work??  Oncologist Monday afternnon.  MRI yesterday. Consultant Thursday.  Feel so bloody scared

Hello Trisha - hope you’re ok, hold tight, these times are the worst … everything is up in the air at the moment for you. It is a very scary time waiting for news, results and scans along with trying to get your head around it all - there’s a lot of support on here and we will all help you through this - big hugs to you xx

hi Trisha,
This is the worst time at the mo & with all those appointments its normal to feel as you do. The uncertainty is the pits.
Once next week is out of the way it will feel better, as you will know where you’re going with it all.
When I was going through this last year, I got myself signed off work as my concentration was shot to bits, so just ask your gp for what you need.
ann x

Just read some of your posts back - im also her2 pos, just had second chemo, Start herceptin on 4th - had mastectomy first - here if you need to chat xxx

I am in my ninth week of all this, came sideway via routine screening totally out of the blue.


it is so stressful all the different feelings, you need time for you, I do find doing some of my normal activities also good, as get away from BC realm of appointments, plans, tretaments etc.


At the moment my body just pooped! :slight_smile:


So resting after surgery trying to sope with drug and radiation to come.


I have flund here, and the support group at McMillans invaluable.


Even if I cry, rant, moan, or despair or have a laugh at wierd things our bodies go through, all is accepted.


You not alone, far from it, find out what support there is near you, McMillans, Maggie centres, complimentry therapies anything that helps you.


I am amazed at how much help there is for us all :slight_smile: