X ray showed shadow

Hi, I’ve been having pain in the thigh and hip. When I went to the doctor he pressed my thigh and it hurt( this was a week ago). He sent me for a pelvic x ray and phones me to say there are changes and a shadow. By now the tenderness is gone and my thigh has more movement, but I’m having a bone scan today and waiting for a ct.

So scared, any positive stories welcome x 

Dx- March 2018 with stage 1  grade 3 her- ductual, I’m on zoladex and exemestane 

I can’t offer you a personal positive story since I am still early on in diagnosis but I can say there are some positive stories I’ve read where people were scared their breast cancer came back due to a funky scan and there ended up being a perfectly benign explanation. You might not get a response from someone who’s gone through it because at that point they just move on again with their life. I just sometimes see their response of “It’s okay!” because I just happen to catch their initial post of worry and they come back briefly to share a result. Which I hope you do, too, because it does help all of us to know benign results still happen in breast cancer world. 

And in saying that, shadowing is a rather vague result in an x-ray and could be anything. Including inflammation which considering your pain has started to resolve all by itself seems to be right in the lines of an inflammation diagnosis. You’re young and endocrine therapy is going to be especially jarring on your body because of that. I’m not a doctor but I don’t think you need to be one to see that an injury might not heal as quickly or could have resulted from an action that before endocrine therapy might not have caused any injury. Also, cancerous symptoms don’t tend to start resolving all by itself without any treatment. I mean we wish they did so none of us had to do this after all. I can’t help but think that your pain beginning to resolve at this point is an excellent sign. I’d try to remind yourself of that in your scans today. But regardless I hope your results come quickly to you can move on. So many hugs being sent your way!!!