Xeloda and Zometa

Hi all
Am back on Xeloda again. My Onc said to try more cycles before deciding. Just wanted to find out if anyone is on Xeloda and Zometa cos i will be on Zometa 3 weekly. pls any advice will be welcomed. Thanks

I had zometa and xleoda for 9 cycles before the xeloda failed so won’t be having that again. I can’t think of any reason and actually it it is very common to have both of these things together. I can’t think I’ve read of anyone having specific problems with this combo either.
I have no problems with zometa and have been having it since sept 06. Some people find they get achy bones and flu like feelings with it but I’ve been OK. The good thing with zometa is it is only a 15 minute infusion.
There are lots of threads about xeloda/capecetabine and also on zometa/zaldronic acid so could be worth looking at those as often, they have answered the questions you want to ask.
If you’ve been on xeloda before, I’m sure you’ll familiar with all the side effects etc.
Hope all goes well

Hi Babygirl

I am on both Xeloda and Zometa (I was changed from Pamidronate to Zometa at the beginning of the year) and don’t seem to have any problems except that I have a bit of numbness in one part of my chin but I know it’s not necrosis. My oncologist is currently looking into it as I’ve just had some more scans.

My Zometa is 6 weekly (mainly to co-incide with my Xeloda) otherwise I’d be up at the hospital most weeks.

Hope things go okay for you.

Hi Babygirl,

I’ve been on Xeloda and Zometa and had no problems at all. Been having Zometa for over a year. Only thing I did get with the first couple of infusions was a slightly achy neck, but from 3rd one that disappeared.

wish you the best

thank u all for ur comments. just started the zometa today. will see how i go with it.