Xeloda capecitabine weight gain

Hello everybody
I have one more question about xeloda…
Does it make gain weight?
Also I read if you get hfs (hand foot syndrom) it work, but what if you don’t get it? Did somebody last long time on it without too much hfs?
I’m only in my second week of xeloda, tomorrow will be my first day without it…i’m so afraid and I hope it will work.
I’m also afraid of not getting enough hfs…so i will automatically think is not working.
Also i’m afraid of gaining weight, and it is not good for cancer patient…
Any experience will be valuable to me!
Yours or that you just eard about too…
Thank you! Best wishes to everybody!

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Hi Amel,
I am stage IV mets breast cancer in liver.
I’ve been on Xeloda since August. For the previous 4 months I was on Fluvestrant/ribociclib combo with mixed results & lots of side effects hence the switch to Xeloda.
I haven’t heard about you gaining weight on Xeloda and I don’t think getting hfs indicates its working. HFS is a negative side effect. Trust your scans & blood tests in how the cancer is responding to treatment.
I’m on my 3rd round of Xeloda, so far so good - main side effects just nausea, tiredness, sore joints.
I hope you can find peace in the process.


Thank you very much Carlycat for answering.
I also read about some people that was on it for years without too many side effects and good results, so hopefully we will be luky too!
Best wishes from Italy

@Amel I found the. Capecitabine makes me feel sick so I have to make myself eat three meals a day. I would love to lose weight but if I don’t keep up the carbs I have no energy so I need to keep eating.
There will be time to lose weight when the cape is finished.
Best wishes

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Yes you are right, also it is better to eat than to loose too much weight.
Best wishes to you too, thank you for your answer!