Xeloda capecitabine

I’ve read that I can’t go jogging and something about no raw fruit and veg ?

dreading it

Hi TeeCass

Since when do you believe everything you read!!!

I’m on cycle #34 of cape - that’s 2 years it’s kept my MTNBC under control so, although I’m knackered and couldn’t jog if you paid me, it’s served me well. It’s my first line treatment and I had “an unexpected but remarkable response” to it. Maybe it will serve you as well.

I’ve found what they call a white diet has helped best. Plenty of vegetables are added but rarely raw and fruit only  when I feel like it. Peeled. But you learn by experience what suits you. Honeydew melon is out for me, as are raisins. Red grapes are fine so I have them daily but only a handful. Basically you are trying to avoid anything too high in fibre as it MAY (you don’t know till you try) aggravate the inflammation and cause cape tummy. My advice would be to take the anti-nausea meds for the first cycle, then ad hoc (I have never experienced sickness but some do). Make sure you’ve eaten something like a piece of toast before taking the tablets, take them with food and water (no hot drinks, they dissolve the tablets too soon so wait till the drink is cooler) and avoid lolling around as that delays their passage out of the stomach. If you have a sensitive stomach, report that because the hospital can prescribe lansoprazole or omeprazole to take to protect your stomach from inflammation.

If you do get diarrhoea, try Buscopan IBS. The loperamide the hospital prescribes is Imodium and will cause constipation, which is just as miserable. You’ll learn after a few cycles how diet and bowels and chemo are related!! I have found eating a rich Greek yoghurt before one of my doses helps a lot.

The no jogging will come from the PPE or hand/foot syndrome you might get. Two years on, my heels are a bit tender but that’s all. Other women have bad foot problems. Moisturise at least twice a day, feet and hands and especially around the nail beds. I have found CCS Swedish Foot Repair Cream the best but anything with 10% urea will be fine. Try to avoid wearing shoes without socks because of the friction. If you do jog, maybe try an extra pair of socks and immediately change, wash and moisturise afterwards. Protecting your feet is way better than having to put something right once it’s happened.

Report every single side effect. There may be none, there may be a few. I was floored for about 3 cycles but I am a chemo-wimp. They usually start you on the highest dosage for you weight/height and then reduce the dosage if necessary. In my case, it was because of fatigue and it made a huge difference.

Cape has served me well. I can honestly say there’s nothing to dread if you use common sense. You’ll pick up other hints but remember, every one of us is unique - comparisons don’t help except as a rough guide. PLUS you keep your hair and everyone tells you that you look well, even when you’re feeling shit, which is unavoidable as you have SBC Be kind to yourself, make allowances as you learn to accommodate the chemo and it may serve you well too.

All the best,

Jan x

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