Xeloda / Capecitebine - loss of appetite

Can anyone please help me. Eating has really become and issue whilst I have been on the following drug. I have been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer and it is on my liver as well as bones. I have no sppetite whatsover. I have been given fortisep drinks but find them sickly. I might even try hypnotherapy. Can anyone help - has this happened to you?

Hi Molster,

Yes I had the same problem with xeloda. I was only on it for 2.5 cycles and in that short space of time lost half a stone. I could only cope with small quantities of food at a time. Mostly it was because I felt I couldnt swallow - everything felt as if it was stuck. If you are not having anything to protect your gut you perhaps need to ask about that. Back then (in 2003)I was given ranitidine but there a so many newer ones around now like omeprazole.


Thanks Dawn. I am taking omeprozole and anit-sickness metoclopromide but they are just stopping me from being sick, not stopping the nausea or the loss of appetite : (

Hi Molster, when you say you have a loss of appetite, is it because of the nausea, or simply no desire to eat? I’m on Capecitabine but haven’t lost weight - in fact still getting cuddlier :S However, ever since the Taxotere I noticed that I just don’t get an urge to eat. I eat because I have to nourish myself, but if I’m distracted 6 hours can fly by easily and I won’t feel hungry or get a growly stomach. Is that what you have?

If you are struggling with nausea and the prospect of solid food makes you heave, my onc suggested making smoothies with a banana for carbs, milk for protein and then any fruit and nuts/seeds (plus the obligatory straw). I used to buy those bags of frozen berries from Sainbsury’s and chuck a handful in and really enjoyed the smoothies.

Can’t think of anything else - which cycle are you on now?

i can only eat if i take steroids, otherwise I was living on fortisip and lucozade.
Now i eat likea horse and whenever I leave the house I firmly attach my fridge to my back just incase I get hungry.

I know that steroids don’t suit everyone, but I am glad that I’m taking them.