Xeloda delay

Happy new year to everyone.

Ufortunately I didn’t celebrate yesterday evening as my husband and kid were sick. I’m ok but I still have alittle vold. So the oncologist gibe me antibiotics and want to delay Xeloda for 10 days!

I don’t feel that bad enough to take antibiotics and delay capecitabina…

I’m so afraid of skipping 10 days, plus I read antibiotics and breast cancer donget along.

Did anybody on Xeloda had to skip it for so long?

I don’t feel like to go against my oncologist will, but at the same time I think she is overeacting…but she is the expert, not me…

What do you think?

Thanks you in advance and best wishes for the new year!

Hi Amel,

I had a break of about 6 weeks between cycle 1 and 2 of capecitabine due to side effects and I had a small gynae procedure under general anaesthetic during that break. My feet were still Grade 2 HFS after a reduction of 20% for cycle 2 and I had to persuade the nurse to let me start cycle 3 - she suggested another break but I didn’t want more time off as my options after cape are limited.
All the best

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Thank you for answering! 6 week is quite a while…and during that time you had any progressions?
My too after Capecitabine I don’t know what I’m going to do…I have er+ her- with no other mutations, and already progressed on ribociclib plus letrozole…
So i feel like I have no other option, i don’t want to delay it for just a cold!

Hi Amel,
Hope you’re feeling better.
I had a CT scan after cycle 2 and it showed shrinkage, but since then the lump under my arm is definitely bigger, though softer, and it is sore. Oncologist says because I have been on several different treatments, there are diminishing returns. Very scared.
I did well on Ribociclib and fulvestrant, got 4 years out of that regime.
I paid for genetic testing of biopsy of underarm lump (not available n NHS). I have several mutations, but none that make me eligible for current trials.
All the best

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Wow 4 years! They say who last so long on one treatment tend to last more on others too, and have a longer life witout bigger progressions. You are lucky! Also tenderness on a node can be a good sign sometimes.
Wish you all the best snd a lot more year on this treatment!
What other treatment you were on in the past before ribociclib, if you don’t mind me asking…

I had surgery, FEC, taxotere (that was hard) and 6 weeks of radiotherapy in 2008 when my primary was diagnosed. Then I had tamoxifen for 2 years, had my ovaries out in 2010 then went on to letrozole for 2 years, then changed back to tamoxifen for 6 years. Almost exactly a year later, secondaries diagnosed, but looking back I think tamoxifen stopped working effectively a year before that.
How about you, what have you already had?

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I discover breast cancer in late 2017 at 34 year old, and have a double mastectomy (my choice) with no reconstruction. I had a 2 cm er+ her2- tumor with no positive limph node. I didn’t make any terapy as I really wanted a kid.
Than I had a kid in 2020, the joy of my life!
Than unfortunately in April 2022 I discovered metastasis in my bones and liver. Everywear in my bones, with 3 collapsed vertebrae, I couldn’t move, all the sudden, stay at hospial, eat a ton of opioids, pain was unbearable.
I stareted Ribociclib and Letrozole and after few months I went NED for an year, started to run again, swim, exercize…I truly would never of though to be even able to walk again!
Than unfortunately in August had a relapse in liver and chest (not in bones), and switch to Xeloda. It look like is working…I hope it will work for a long time. I didn’t expect my previous line of therapy to stop working so soon, as they did work so well before…
But now I really wish to live enough to see my kid grow!

Sorry to hear that it’s not such a good start to 2024 for you. My husband tested positive for covid on NYE so a bit similar here, but somehow my children and I seem to have avoided it.

I suspect your oncologist is worried about an infection and I guess you can’t take cape while you’re on antibiotics. I’ve had a few breaks on palbo and been ok. I guess the alternative is to not take the antibiotics but then if an infection develops then you might need even longer off cape. Perhaps double check with the oncologist but I don’t really see another option than to take the antibiotics.

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Yes i did at the end take the antibiotics…I’m better now and ready for xeloda in few days!
Thank you for your answer, I’m glad you avoided Covid, can be so strong.
Best wishes of new year!


I had a two week break from xeloda due to Covid, shortly after two lymph nodes swelled up but two cycles forward they are shrinking so I think it’s working

Thanks god it worked!
So hopefully if something happened in my stop, than xeloda is going to work back on it…
For now markers were ok, so hopefully is still working

Hi, how are you doing?
I don’t remember if i have ask you yet, but can you tell me your weight and dosage of xeloda?
I’m 44 kg and taking 7 pills of capecitabine of 500 mg a day, equal of 3500 mg. Many patients in USA is telling me it is too much, they only take 2000 or 2500…(i’m talking of the actual amount i take daily, not the dosage for mg/m²). I’m wondering if it is just Italy or Europe having a different dosage or what. As they did many mistakes on me before, I’m just trying to figure out if is allright…
Sorry if i asked already, i just couldn’t find the message if i did…

Hi Amel, how are you doing? I am ok, hands and feet sore but nothing major! Last scan cancer popping up in various lymph nodes but xeloda seems to be on top of it ! I am 75kg and take 2000mg twice a day, I started on 2300 twice a day =4600 per day, 14 days on one week off. Oncologist suggested reducing my dose but not having a break, scan early feb to see what is happening, I am in France, I have total confidence in my oncologist.

Thank you for answering. I tough they made some mistake, but your dosage seem similar to mine…so it’s definititely right! They always chanche my oncologist and they did some mistake before so i was worried.
I’m happy your doing allright and xeloda is working!
I also have hand and feet sore, with some crack on my hands, but nothing too bad!
So let keep be strong!
Thanks again for answering, and let me know how your scan goes, best wishes!