xeloda or capcitibine - why is there not much info?

Hi all

I just wondered and i keep meaning to ask this, why is there so little about xeloda/capcitibine on this site? is it because it works well so noone has any complaints, or is it not really used? i wonder why ? as when i do a search its only my comments that seem to flag up with replies but its not as mentioned as other forms of chemo?

is it not as effective? or?

just gettin nervous as ive been on it for 12 weeks, and have a scan fri to see how its workd. so fingers xd!


Hi Zippy,
I was on capecitabine for 2 years and it worked well for me plus was able to have a near normal life will no problems when I was on it 18 months ago a few of us were on it and we all did well. Think it is mainly used for secondary so that could be why not many are on it.
If I can be of any further help just ask.
Love Debsxxx

Hi Zippy, I am on capacitabine at the moment. I was also on it about 3 years ago and had six cycles. It has worked really well for me. What would you like to know about it? I have tumour markers in my blood, CEA and CA125 and after each treatment when I had bloods done they went down each time. My main problem was that the first time I suffered really badly with Palmer Planter Syndrome which affected my hands and feet, especially my feet. It was so sore it felt like walking on glass. But I was doing things all wrong…because I have read up more about the syndrome. I massaged cream into my feet every night but I overdid the rubbing in. It was making things worse as it caused the capilleries in my blood vessels to burst, thus causing the pain. Also it was winter time and I my feet were so sore I wore those fleecy type of slippers to keep my feet warm…wrong again. You need to keep your feet cool. I have been having capecitabine since April this year and have worn sandles throughout keeping my feet as cool as possible. My feet have bben much better this time although they are very dry. The Consultant also reduced the dose this time round becausre I suffered so much last time. My Consultant said you cannot go by tumour markers alone to find out if the chemo is working but I also have felt a lot better each time for having the chemo. I am off chemo for a few weeks until my mouth heals after a tooth extraction but hopefully resume again on Monday if my mouth has healed enough. If there anything else you are concerned about this treatment please just ask, much love from Val X

Hi Zippy, I was on xeloda last year and had 4 cycles. Normally i would have E-CMF but I was on the TACT 2 trial and so I had 4 epi and xeloda instead ( I had primary bc last year). I do remember it being alot less harsh than the epi and could do alot more on it. i did get the sore feet but creamed them all the time especially at night and wore good shoes. I did find it made me feel a bit nauseaous at times so took cyclazine for this. I ate lots on it as eating stopped the nausea so put on quite alot of weight.It was good to have to take tablets rather than have needles shoved into me. My veins had given up after the 4 cycles of epi and I would have had a line put in if had anymore introveinous chemo. I know it works like flouracil, another chemo drug).Hope this helps.

Rachy xx

Hi everyone

I am just about to start xeloda on Wednesday. I have had taxotere and am hoping I will be able to work while having this new chemo. Nice to know others are on it thanks for this thread. Am very glad for any tips Ange.

hi ange

hope you are doin ok on xeloda after your first dose! :slight_smile: i found the first 2 cycles easy then 3, 4th and now am into the 5th cycle on the second week is harder particularly the mon, tues wed at the end and im now gettin into the routine of being signed off sick from work mon, tue, wed as it gets tiring for me.

altho im frustrated at the mo as been signed off a week already with a bad cold and on antibiotics which im not sure are good with chemo? anywwy …only another week til my week off - yipppeee :slight_smile: xxxx

Hia Zippy

I ve just started my tablets I had the first ones last night 6pm as I could nt wait till this morning so far I am ok, just getting ready to go in caravan not going far. Just wishing I would be able to have drink of Cava which my sis and I like to have when we go away but I had better not till I see what the tabs effect me like. Sorry to hear you ve got a bad cold hope you are feeling better .I only work part time 12 at the moment gradually getting back up to 19 hrs. Enjoy your week off.

Ange x :slight_smile:

P S Zippy

I hope your scan went ok
Ange xx