Hi all just started on xeloda though I’d see if anyone new was starting so we can share the journey I know there is already a thread but don’t get used often

Hi Laura

Good idea. I start tomorrow and am prepared for copious amounts of Hand/foot moisturising. I suffered quite badly from hand foot syndrome on tax, so think I will ask onc for some vit b6 tomorrow.

How has it gone for you so far? Have you had nausea or sickness?


Hi! <waves hand=“” with=“” capecitabine=“” blisters=“” on=“” fingertips=“”></waves>

“Top tips” thread here:

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Hi blackspotk i started on tues and tbh no se at moe no sickness or sore feet am a bit worried it not working as I’m norm really not gd on chemo se maybe all a bit early I’ve cream from my gp at the moe putting it on once a day my hos didn’t give me anything I think they want to see how I go before giving out loads of stuff that might not be needed gd luck tomorrow be nice to do our journey together Hi to anyone else who wants to join us big hugs aww mrsblue big wave back hope your not to bad tc Laura


My fingers are OK for typing on computer keyboard! :slight_smile: Thanks.

I have just finished my 8th cycle of this and haven’t had too many side effects. My hands and feet are fine, plenty of moisturising.

Have had occasional nausea but never actually been sick, I do get tummy cramps usually during my second week and I had one week with a sore mouth. The plus side of this is you get to keep your hair, mine seems to have got a lot finer but its still there.

Enjoying my week off now, I hate taking pills, any pills.

Good luck.


Hello Xeloda Ladies
New to this site so thought and new to the drug. Had my first round and will start next round tomorrow after getting checked out. So far this has been an easy chemo to take with not SD to speak off except heartburn and maybe trouble sleeping but tht might have anything to do wit the Xeloda. Hope this works and i can get a long run from. I have mets to bones and liver but with no pain and doingall my activites as normal.

Hi to the new ones I only started last wed at the moe so far so gd no se unf I’ve gone down with a stinking cold no a great combo with chemo I’ve lung and node mets kp in touch let us know how u get on tc Laura

Hello again to all new Xeloda ladies.

I started on Monday, 2000mg twice a day. So far have had constant weeing, nausea and have vomited twice. (not a nice way to lose 4 lb in a day!). Husband has collected stronger anti-emetic drugs fro GP and have withheld my morning drugs. Hopefully be okay for tonights!!!

Good to hear side effects are minimal for most of you. I think I read somewhere that they can be worse the first cycle?

Sue x
Oh and big thanks to Mrs Blue, brilliant links…

Hi everyone

I definitely did find the first cycle worse than any others, in fact the last one I had no SEs apart from poor bloods. I posted a few weeks ago about my oncologist wanting me off xeloda, because my bloods delay treatment almost every time. Well I met him again yesterday and he has changed the schedule and will let me have 3 more cycles of Xeloda to see how I get on with 10 days of normal dose 2 X 4150 then have 11 days off to see whether the bloods can repair themselves with 4 extra days. I guess I have to try it to see. He will then scan me to see if xeloda will work sufficiently at this lowered dose.

Wishing everybody an easy xeloda cycle xx

Hello everyone!

I’m on my 1st cycle and have just started the week off. I’m also on 4000mg a day, 14 on/7 off. Feeling OK (considering!), just tired - sleeping 12 hours every night!!! Also had sore mouth, but plenty of pineapple and mouthwash soon got that under control.
Sue - I hope the new anti-emetics work their magic for you. It’s so miserable to have to deal with that sickness and nausea.
Laura - get well soon and thanks for starting this thread!
Mrs Blue - thanks yet again for sharing all that brilliant information with us newbies!
Warrior - good news on the minimal SEs! Hope that continues and that you get a good result from X.
Jan - thanks for sharing your good news. It gives us newbies confidence and hope. I know what you mean about enjoying the weeks off. I was so excited when I took my last lot of pills for cycle 1 last night!
Nicky - I hope the new schedule will work well for you and give your bloods the recovery time they need. If not, could you try a dose reduction? From what I’ve read, lots of women seem to have some dose adjustment.
Take care everyone,
Angelfalls xx

Hi everyone I am today finishing my second round of this chemo been alot better this time,legs swelled up on first lot but got through this second lot with few side effects.As most of you say the tiredness is difficult to cope with especially with children but still much easier to cope with than the fect t I had to endure last year.Its nice to hear from others who are on the treatment thought my chemo days were over - told all ok in august last year - then taken into hospital in November 2011 with suspect gall stones only to be told breast cancer had spread to liver and was inoperable.My initial reaction was not to have treatment having been so ill with fect t last year,however my oncologist persuaded me to try xeloda as she thought it could work well with me and touch wood so far it has made me feel better in myself.many thanks for starting this thread despite wonderful family and friends living with cancer especially
secondary cancer can be very frightening and lonely. yvonne

Hello Everyone:

Just checking in the see how everyone is making out. Hope you are all doing well with X. So far half way finished my 2nd cycle and doing really well only SD I am experiencing is hot feet and a bit of heartburn but so far so good. I will be anxious to find out how X is doing with my mets but have to wait until the end of Feb. when I get my scans, keeping my fingers crossed. I’m also on a clinical trial- taking metformin( or placebo ) with the Xeloda. Wishing everyone well.

Trial of metformin with Xeloda? Interesting! - can’t see anything on CRUK trials database…

Hi all last day of my first cycle yippee no real se I’m feeling tired today but then I’ve had a bad cold and chest inf so I’m guessing that as not helped hope y all doing well and welcome to any new comers Laura

Hi everyone. I’m new to Capecitabine too (have extensive bone mets)- just about to start third cycle. Also have Vinorelbine weekly for 2 weeks. Fatigue and nausea have been main side effects,ended up in hospital after first cycle with low neutrophils but had had rads prior to that for cord compresssion, but overall not too bad. Hate taking so many tablets though, mornings can be a bit tricky having to sit up to take Bondronat, then take anti-emetic before breakfast. Tumour markers are coming down so hope that’s a good sign - yet I know some Oncologists don’t do them as unreliable. Confuses me as stopped Arimidex then Exemestane as markers were rising so told they weren’t working.

Good to hear how everyone is doing.

best wishes

Hi Xeloda Divas
Sounds like everyone is “tolerating” this drug not too badly - my thoughts on taking this drug is as long as it’s working and doing the job at keeping things at bay, I’ll put up with the side affects
and fortunately, they have not been too bad. Because I am on this clinical trial, I need to record the exact time when I take the metformin so I need to manage this, which can be a bit of a pain but keeps me on a routine at taking my pills about the same time everyday or at least during the week. On the weekends, my schedule changes and my times are off but I try to take the pills about the same time everyday. Hope everyone gets good news and a long run with this drug - keep posting with your updates. Cheers
BTW: How long do you ladies need to stay on this drug - in my case I’ll be on it for as long as it works but know that some ladies get a “maintenance” dose once things appears to get stable.

Hi w h I’m not on a trial not been offered one but I know what u mean about the timing with the tabs it can be a pain sometimes but if it’s working small price to pay I’ve been told I can stay on it until it stops working maybe it depends on cancer types and what cancer they have I don’t really know hope u get gd results tc Laura

Hello again! Glad to hear we’re all doing ok. Picked up my second dose today ready to start tomorrow morning. No problems so far, only really mild SEs, so didn’t need any tablets other than the X. I’ve also been told I can stay on it as long as it’s working, but don’t know whether they’ll reduce me to a maintenance dose - still early days for that kind of decision… Have to see whether or not it’s working first! My onc said today they’ll scan after 3 or 4 cycles. Fingers crossed for all of us xx


Lets keep in touch, espcially the us newbies. It helps to know others are in the same boat cause no one trully understands this journey except for those of us who are travelling it. Keep the faith!