xeolda tips please

Hi due to start xeolda soon last epi on the 17th any tips would be great thanks

Hi Louise
I was on xeloda for 2 years and found it by far the most manageable chemo. The worst part was constipation but I think this was caused by anti sickness tablets and then on the week off I had the poos! So make sure you get movicol and take it. My feet became dry and hard but this was cured by E45 and the patience of my hubby Ian who massaged them every evening I now have baby soft feet and Ian has baby soft hands! I always took tablets at the same time 12 hours apart and drank lots of water.
Good Luck.

Love Debsxxx

thanks Debs,
Its always a bit daunting to try something new,ive not been to bad on epi so was just a bit worried.

I meant to say it helped my hair grow back thicker and faster than it is since I finished taxol in May still only got an inch. Well thats if I pull and stretch it.

Love Debsxxx

Hi Louise

I started taking Xeloda 2 years ago and am still on it. Like Debs says, I’ve also found it the most manageable of all the chemos I’ve been on.

I have dry feet (but no cracking or blisters) and use Flexitol which seems to help.

I’ve never had constipation or the poos! When you take your tablets you must make sure to have them with or 30 minutes after a meal because the chemo can affect your stomach otherwise. I also take water with them (not juice or anything else but it does tell you this on the leaflet).

I’ve always had thick hair so can’t say that I’ve noticed a difference with the thickness.

Good luck and hope you tolerate it well.

Thanks this is all very reassuring.x

Hi Weezer,
I was on tact 2 trial arm 4, so accelerated epi/xeloda ,which i finished in feb. I found the xeloda a walk in the park compared to the epi , i had to take 4000 mgs a day ( 4 x twice a day so 8 daily). I was given anti sickness tabs but didnt need them as i never suffered any nausea with xeloda. I was lucky and had very few side effects only one being fatigue, i also didnt suffer with the hand and foot problems that can be a side effect, but like everyone says use E45 on hands and feet and that realy helps. You do have to take the tabs within 30 mins of eating though and think thats because it helps you stop feeling nausea . Good news was my hair started growing realy quickly after starting xeloda cos xeloda doent cause hair loss.
I was like you and quite anxious about starting a different chemo, but i think most ladies will tell you it is one of the most tolerable chemos so try not to worry to much.
Good luck
All the best
Lindiloo x

Hi Weezer
My last epi is on Wed and I start xeloda on 22nd. Will let you know how I get on.
There is a tact 2 thread with a few of us on so might be worthwhile reading