xray before op?

I’ve posted on here many times before and always feel the support and replies I get are brilliant and so helpful so I thought I would ask this question. As I have said before my mum has breast cancer and is having a lumpectomy on the 22nd. She has ultrasound, mammogram and MRI and they still don’t know exactly what size the tumour is only that its between 15 and 30 mm. So on Friday they have asked her to go for an x ray. Is this normal procedure before this operation? Also she had her pre op assessment yesterday and on Monday (2 days before op) she has to have another blood test. Is this normal procedure and what’s it for? Sorry for lack of paragraphs I’m on my phone. Thanks for reading xx

Hi, as part of my pre-admission tests I had to have a chest xray.  I think it was just one of the standard checks they do.

Sorry, and regarding not knowing what size it is, they explained to me my type of BC grows like a spiders web and mimics normal breast tissue.  We could feel a lump but not clear how much it had spread on mammogram or ultrasound.  MRI showed no other lumps, but until the operation and lab tests after they could not be 100% sure of size.  Maybe your Mum is similar.

Hi Freda. Thank you so much for replying. It does sound like you and my Mum have had similar experiences. Its just making me worry the fact that they didnt say anything about an xray at her pre op assessment but rung her yesterday. So my Mum was worrying they had found something in her bloods but when she asked they said it was cos they wanted another look at the area before the op so surely they wouldn’t lie. Xx

Aww thank you boxerbaby. I agree they should tell people everything cos it’s just even more worry other wise xx

Hello. Just thought I would update. My mum went for xray today and it actually turned out to be another ultrasound but the reason they called her back was cos on her MRI a gland looked suspicious but it’s all ok thankfully xx