Yaayeee - last Taxol done today!!!

Brilliant! all my 8 chemos are out of the way… feeling up-beat, happy, delighted… of course, tomorrow and the next few days will be a but hu-hum to say the least, but stilll - from now on, it is all easier :slight_smile: can’t stop smiling since they took the dratted needle off me!
Champagne is for the week-end…

Hey congratulations Lilith - 8 is certainly a lot of chemos to get through - I had 6 and found that hard going.
Rebz xx

Congratulations Lilith - well done - 8 is loads of chemo. I finished after 6 about 2 weeks ago. Good feeling isn’t it, although not sure that I was excited, more pleased to get that part over and move onto the next.

Well done and enjoy your champers!!!


Yipee you got there, congratulations.
Alison x