Yahoo... finished...

Just a note of thanks for all the tips and advice I’ve picked up on these threads over the past six months… tomorrow morning at 8 am (not that I’m counting!!), I’ll pop my last Xeloda tablets and that will be the last of 25 weeks of chemotherapy. I had the first four intravenous Epi, then tablets for the last 4 cycles.

It was a l-o-n-g haul, but I’ve come through it OK. 3 weeks break, then 29 sessions of radiotherapy… so I guess, I’ll leave you guys behind ['though I will still pop in to visit :-)] and go and join the radiotherapy gang. If all goes to plan, that will finish on 23rd January and I’ll put all this cr*p behind me…

Good luck to you all and keep smiling,

AliS xx

Well done !! what a long long haul for you , you must be so relieved. good luck with radiotherapy, i start in jan
love galen xx

Hi Ali

Well done congratulations and good luck with next stage.

Kim x

Hi Alis,

What absolutely, brilliant, fantasmogoriphal news! (last adjective was invented). I totally know here you are coming from. Had last Rads, after chemo inthe summer,and now my life is back on track - enjoy your new life

x x x

Hiya AliS,

Thats one hurdle over & done with. Feels fantastic doesnt it when you get to the end of it?

I finished my chemo end of August, had mastectomy beginning of sept & started rads yesterday. Im having 15…so ive only got 13 to go then thats the end of all the treatment for me as im triple neg.

So far the rads have been ok. There isnt much to them to be honest.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment, it wont be long before you will posting on here saying you have finished your rads!


Julie. x

Hi Alis

Congrats - its a great feeling - had my last chemo last week and what a mental boost it is - end of stage 1 is how I look at it. Still 2 stages for me to go - surgery then rads but am sure they will not be as bad!!

All the best with your rads


My end of chemo marks the end of stage two for me, as I had surgery first… only one more hurdle, albeit a 6-week/29 radiotherapy sessions of a hurdle.
Roll on 2008…