Yay! Tattoo!

Having reached the age of 67 with no op-scars & no tattoos, BC made sure I got both this year. Inspired by the Radiographer doing my 3 pre-rads dots who told me I had “good skin for tattoos” I decided to celebrate the end of treatment by getting a “proper tattoo”. So (since yesterday) I’m the proud owner of a small black rose on my left shoulder. Yay!!

Hi jen3,

Well done to you, not only for getting to the end of your treatment but also for your tatoo!!!
I am also considering getting one but am going to wait until after my reconstruction later this year!!! I daren’t do anything which may stop my op!!!

Congratulations and I hope to be joining you soon!! The black rose sounds lovely!!

Jane x

Well done Jen.
I want a nipple tattooed on my newly reconstructed breast one day. But I keep thinking about all the interesting things I could get tattooed on there instead of a brown circle…a flower… a ‘pink’ ribbon…or how about a circle of a different colour? It keeps me amused while I think of the possibilities.