Yikes! Radiotherapy starts tomorrow

Hi all,
Just came across this website and wish I’d found it before now.

I’m 39 and was diagnosed with BC on 24 May and went in for surgery on 5 June Turns out I had DCIS. Growth was around 3cm, which was removed along with 5 lymph nodes (1 by mistake coz it was stuck to another!). Had a Wide Local Excision and theraputic reduction on the other side so I had a matching pair :). I was large (around a E/F cup) but am now a pert C/D cup which, on a poisitive note, I’m delighted with!

Because I’ve been told my cancer was non-invasive and that they got it all out during surgery, I can’t help but wonder whether I’m doing the right thing having radiotherapy… though it’s a bit late now as I go in tomorrow morning!!! I’m really quite nervous, I think because it’s “unseen” and you don’t know what’s quite happening. I’ve also read lots of stories in the press which have not been good. I know that it will probably all be okay, but it doesn’t stop you mind from racing - didn’t sleep a wink last night and doubt tonight will be any better. I keep telling myself it will all be okay and I’m just worrying for nothing.

Anyway, just want to say this is a great site and has helped reading all your stories.

Let’s all keep smiling! :slight_smile:

I am also 39 and had surgery for DCIS on 6th July (much the same op as you- very pleased with the result). I start radiotherapy sometime next month. I had a meeting with the consultant yesterday and waiting for the planning appointment. It is scary but for me, it’s not as frightening as the prospect of having chemotherapy- thankfully, I am not having that. I was told that because of my age and high grade DCIS, I am at high risk of it returning and thats the reason for the radiotherapy. I agree that the risks etc are of concern but are outweighed by making sure that it does not return (although I know that there are no certainties).

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

Kat x


The radiotherapy question is difficult. My DCIS was high grade and the cancer cells were hormore receptor negative. I am now in the fourth week of radiotherapy, but am still wondering if it really will catch any stray cancer cells from multiplying. considering my treatment is not every day. I just decided to go with what the surgeon recommended.

The Oncologist said that results of a recent study showed that radiotherapy every other day was just as effective as every day. Now I am wondering, considering that the “every other day” turns out to be three times one week and twice the following week, for a period of five weeks. That means that sometimes I have three days between treatments, whereas those patients that have treatment every day in fact have it every working day and then two day gap for the weekend.



Yesterday I had a chat with one of the radiologists, and now I feel very much more positive that I did when I wrote the above comments. The best thing to do, really, is to trust that the treatment that the experts recommend is the correct thing.


Hi Aria

I was interested in your comment re theraputic reduction. I am having 1.5cm lump removed on 6 August and have been told my breast will be smaller and that the radiotherapy may also shrink it slightly. I am 36D cup. Theraputic reduction was not mentoined. Was it offered to you or did you enquire?


Julie N

Hi Julie N

Good luck!

My understanding is that you are entitled to have surgery to make your breasts match. Either a reduction on the unaffected breast or further reconstruction on the affected one.

My DCIS is high grade and covers a wide area so I need a mastectomy. Therapeutic reduction was mentioned from the outset.

BTW my cousin had BC in 1999 and a lumpectomy. She has just had a second reduction on the unaffected breast to even things up. She had to fight for it but got it in the end and she’s really pleased with the results.

Deborah x

Thanks Deborah

That’s really helpful. Julie N.