Yoga/homeopathy...does it help..?

Does it help to do yoga/homeopathy or any such alternate treatments. There is so much of information on the web, some extremely positive, and some extremely negative. Does anyone have any stories/experience with any such treatment…?

Never tried homeopathy…

Yoga definitely helps… I have been to yoga haven group in London and Bristol that teaches it. There is a teacher call Megan and she is very good - check that you. Alternatively I bought a DVD from amazon which is specific for self practice at home - when days you couldnt get out and just want to do it from home…

Hope this helps.


I was having homeopathy 8 years ago before I was diagnosed, I was quite happy with it but after diagnosis I haven’t been back.

Thats not to say that you shouldn’t but I would advise you to ask your Consultants or BC nurse first. I just wanted to keep to the treatments I was having at the time, Tamoxifen and now Letrozole.


Thank you guys for your opinions, yes I am hoping to get some yoga started, as soon as i feel some energy building up. I have also heard that yoga helps in building up energy…all the best to u guys, and thanks for sharing xx

Hi. As others said, check with consultant nd this is only my oppinion but… homeopathy has really helped me with the side effects of the treatments. I have found a really nice man, who is also v v nice to chat to! So i would say, defo ‘yes’! I know there are v mixed reviews nd it is not ‘proved’ but my homeopath said it is like measuring time on scales, cant be done as different sorts of things. V dependent on the person you are and the one who is helping you. Hope this helps!!

Sadie Xx Xx

A bit late I know in responding but I am enormously fortunate to have a superb homeopath, who supported me at every stage of my treatment - immediately after diagnosis, before and after surgery and throughout radiotherapy - and after treatment was completed. Not only did I experience physical benefits (zero pain post-surgery and zero side effects during and after radiotherapy - much to the amazement of the radiographers, who dubbed me the Bionic Woman!), but the holistic nature of homeopathy was also very helpful in enabling me to deal with the mental and emotional aspects of breast cancer.

It is now just over a year since my treatment finished; I have had my first annual follow-up and remain, happily, cancer free. Last November I restarted yoga classes and have found these very helpful in - gently - building strength and flexibility on my left side. However, I did do my post-treatment exercises religiously - the BCC DVD is excellent - and then had chiropractic treatment to enhance strength and flexibility after a bout of shingles and a similar condition to frozen shoulder. My GP and also my chiropractor (who had worked in a breast cancer centre) both told me that these conditions are very common post-breast cancer treatment.

I would echo SadieL’s comment that much depends on who is treating you. Make sure that your homeopath - and indeed any alternative/complementary practitioner - is fully trained and qualified and, ideally, has had experience of working with cancer patients.

Do hope this helps - and good luck in finding the right combination of treatment/approaches for you.