You will get through it. Reflections two years on.

Hi Recently diagnosed ladies. I wanted to post on this part of the forum as two years ago to the day I was sitting in front of my beast surgeon and told I had bc in both breasts. It turned my world upside down and at the time I felt as it my life would never be the same again. What followed was very hard. Two mastectomies, chemo, rads, tamoxifen and 9 weeks ago a double Diep reconstruction.
However, i’ve had time to reflect on it all now and I’m in a really good place that two years ago I never thought I would get back to.
I just wanted to say to all those of you at the beginning of this difficult road that you will get though it and out the other side. My advice would be to accept your vulnerability at a difficult time and lean on others when you need them. I found this very hard but soon realised it was not something I could do on my own!
Luckily I’m now happy and more importantly healthy and live every day to the full. I’m praying it stays that way but make the most of everything I have!
Love and best wishes
Claire xxx



Not just for ladies just starting out on their journey but also for ladies who have finished active treatment this is a wonderfully positive post, thank you so much for sharing with us all.


I was 12 months post diagnosis last Friday


Helena xxx

Thanks for that, it gives us all hope for the future. I am just about to start up the steep side of my mountain, thanks for the carrot under my nose to encourage me forward :slight_smile:

Great post Claire and I can only echo what you say. It’s hard to believe what we were living through this time two years ago isn’t it!


I’d say in a lot of ways I’m actually happier now. I no longer let silly things worry me and take pleasure in everyday things more than I did before. 


Hang on in there everyone. 


Ruth xxxx

Thank you so much Claire for your lovely post. I had dcis last year, no invasion, 2 ops and 15 rads. Now a year later i have a small invasive cancer and i am one chemo down. You have definitely come along at the right time with your words of encouragement. Well done to you xx

Dear Claire (Cs66)

Thank you for this really uplifting message - I’m like you but my “journey” started just 6 months ago - I started chemo (3 x EC and 4 x DHP) in May and currently, I’m 11 days post surgery, on Thursday I had my follow up appointment with the surgeon who had my pathology report - I was delighted (and in fact it still hasn’t sunk in totally) - to find out following mx and removal of 17 nodes - all was clear, the chemo did it’s job and I have no cancer! It has been a tough journey but I almost feel I’m returning to “normal” - i’ve got 12 months of herceptin injections to continue and hopefully no rads (this will be confirmed Tuesday).

It’s posts like yours that make me smile - I too agree - live every day to the full and think about tomorrow but live for the moment - enjoy what you’ve got and remember the small things in life are to be enjoyed!

I also realise without the support of family, friends and the ladies on this forum I would have struggled to get through all the tough days.

Thank you and best wishes to you too.

Jay xx

Hello Claire,glad you are doing well and glad my desperate initial post 2.5 years ago led to a thread that gave a lot of people support and from which I have gained some lovely friends who I now talk to off the forum .I remember how dreadful a time you had in those early months - there wasn’t much they didn’t throw at you was there ?? Jencat you will get there -it’s very hard to be positive in the beginning it will get easier no matter what your diagnosis you come to a place where you can live alongside it and not let it control your life .Jill xxx

You will get to that place Jencat, no matter what BC throws at you.I remember when first diagnosed reading posts from people who were talking about making plans ,doing " normal " things and I couldn’t believe they were doing that whilst living with breast cancer but you do get to a place where it doesn’t dominate your life and you’ve forget about it for longer and longer periods of time no matter what treatments you are going through .xx

Jen you can do it! Big hugs xx

A positive post with good outcome so what I neec just now. My 4th chemo and first docetaxol starts Wednesday and im dreading it, felt awful on fec, nausea, ulcers sore moutb not sleeping, only get about 4 good days every cycle and have considered stopping treatment as quality of life is poor with no guarantee of good outcome
So good to hear people do move on and live. X

You are half way through now Sib (assuming you are having six that is). Plough on. Docetaxel is quite different to FEC. Generally no nausea although it does bring it’s own challenges like increasing tiredness but I found it less unpleasant than I’d been led to believe. Just make sure you are stocked up with nice foods in case you get a run of a few days wanting to stay on the sofa. And if you find the first dose hard then talk to your oncologist about a reduced dose next time around. This seems very common and they are willing to do it to help you through.


Hang on in there.

Ruth xx

Sib you havent stopped, you are still here!! I really hope the next cycle is better for you. I am only 5 days into first cycle and the road seems long!! But you are halfway there. Sending you all my best wishes for the next stage xxx

Hi Ladies,
I’m glad my post has been helpful. I did think carefully before posting as I didn’t want to appear smug for having got through it all!!! I just know similar posts helped me see that there was an end to it all and life after bc.
Sib the fourth chemo is psychologically hard to deal with. New drugs have different side effects and although you are over halfway it still seems a long way to the finishe line. My chemo nurse said cycle 4 was the hardest one mentally and physically. I just kept on ticking off the days and looking at the calendar as the end got closer. Rads was nothing compared to chemo!
This time next year you will all be looking back on it and reflecting. I also felt as if it was a bad dream and almost felt as though it was happening to someone else not me! Probably a coping mechanism. I still find it hard to believe that I went through all that surgery and treatment!
Love to all
Claire xx

Thank you for such an uplifting post! It helps us see there’s light at the end of the tunnel and no matter how difficult the journey we need to crack on with it! Its not just side effects its the whole emotional thing, mentally and physically draining!

Reading through this I most definitely wouldnt wouldnt think by any neabs you were being ‘smug’!
You are using your experiences to encourage us on our journey which is most appreciated!

Its hard, and will get harder but its here and we have to do what we need to do!

And if that means waking up at 4.30am and making cgeese on toast, then so be it.

Lots of

Thanks so much ladies and especially Claire. Im a control freak whos independent and private and never ill (before this) so this is a huge struggle im sorry for moaning as i know im very lucky to be offered treatment and getting treatment even if SEs are awful.
Im very grateful for all the support and Claire you are definitely not smug, i really needed to read a post like yours as at moment i find it difficult to see getting life back to any kind of normal. Xxx

Hi Sib
It is rubbish but we are on the mend even though it doesnt feel like it. Its tough but its for a better quality of life in the future. Lets do it together. Xx

Thanks for the advice on Doxetaxal as Im having 3 after next cycle and started to dread it after reading orher experiences but my Oncc said its less nausea so no need for extra Anti sickness pils but maybe more fatigue and achy body. Soaks in rhe bath and sleep methinks.xx

Hi CK and Sib,
Docetaxel is different from Fec and I didn’t have any nausea. The side effects don’t kick in for a couple of days and then it’s like a bad dose of flu. By day 10 or 11 each cycle I was getting over it. I rested loads and slept a lot but I kept in my mind that it would pass and I would feel better. It’s a relief not having that nauseous feeling. There are still foods I can’t face as I associate them with fec!
Remember we are all different and react in different ways. The bonus is that once you get to docetaxol you are over half way!!!
Claire xxx

Thanks Cs66
I know we all react differently but I read a thread with constant bad SE with it so starting to panic. Thanks for the

Thanks everyone for support. Got first docetaxol and herceptin this morning, in hospital all day because of possible SEs.
After phone call from chemo nurses, doctor asked to see me and she was lovely, really put my mind at ease and did offer me a break from chemo, but decided to go ahead as its only delaying and have my lifts to hospital in place for next few dates. Also had to get bloods done at hospital as GP surgery couldn’t get a vein (6 attempts) chemo unit got bloods but from my aux clearance arm (they toldd me tbis was ok but never to let any one else do this) hoping tbis will be fine as dont want lympodema to add to my woos.
Waiting for results of mt brca2 is also making me anxious. Such a rollercoaster ride. Onwards and upwards ladies. Big hugs. Xx