Young (ish!) in Durham/ North East?

I went to the Breast Cancer Care Younger Women’s forum in Glasgow earlier this year. Was lovely to meet peeople in a similar situation but I would love to meet people in my local area. I was diagnosed in July 2010 aged 26. Let me know if you’re local and fancy meeting up to share stories, offer support etc.

Katy x

Hi Katy. I’m not from your area, but thought i’d say hello anyway (and bump this up for you). I was at the forum too. Hope you’re getting on ok - are you still off work/school?

Hopefully you will find some other NE types around - I think there is another NE thread already but you might have to trawl about to find it.

Hope you’re well.

Alison x

HI Katy, there is a North East thread, which isn’t all that active cos lots of the lasses do facebook - but if you look for it you could post on there too - and get links to people’s FBB. its a super friendly thread and some of the lasses are a lot younger than me -I am in fact twice your age!!! All the best, Nicola

Hi Alison :slight_smile:

Lovely to hear from you. I go back to work the week after next. Not sure getting up so early will agree with me! But I am sure it will be good to get back into it again. How are you? How is the treatment all going?

Thanks for the advice Nicola, I don’t really think I’ve figured out this whole forum thing yet. I shall look out for the NE thread (didn’t even know that was what it was called!)and hopefully find some local people to chat with. And I have to say that even twice my age is still pretty young for this to be happening!



Here is the link to the thread Nicola mentioned,-anyone-from-north-east-about–p536062.html#p536062

We are a friendly bunch from as far down as m’boro up to north Northumberland… We meet up every six weeks or so in Newcastle for lunch. Please feel free to join the thread or you can get fb details as we have a group on there.


Hi Katy,

I just live in Darlington but am from the Durham area originally so if you want to meet up I would love to, Im 41 (but very young in my thoughts and outlook on life, just the body looks 41!). I was diagnosed in feb this year and have a very young family - if you want to message me go ahead. Where are you having your op/treatment at?

Jo x

Hi Jo
would be great to see you on the NE facebook page too. 41? - your salad days!! xxx

Thanks for putting the link up Deb, I’m still not that brilliant at all the tech stuff! Nicola

Hi daisyleaf,

how do I do that, I’m not the most technology intelligent person on the planet, just joined facebook a few months ago after years of badgering from my friends!

Jo x


Jo I will pm you.


Hi there.

I’m in Chester-le-Street.

Diagnosed 13th April, Have MX 10th May then back for Ancilliary Nodes on 24th May.

Home now and resting but keen to meet up with others from around about.


Hi June
I’ll pm you x

hello guys
just realised that I don’t have the techie knowhow to signpost June to our fb group - d’oh!
can someone help me out?
yours in embarrassment!
mon xxx


Monica I just realised I have sent Jo looking on fb for the wrong picture. If June sends you a friend request on fb then you can add her to the group. She just needs to find u on fb first. So just pm her your name and what your profile pic is so she xan find the right one. I’m a fine one to give advice though seeing as poor Jo has probs given up by now. Sorry.


thats much better than me! will have a go
thanks M