Young(ish!) in Edinburgh?

Hi. I’m 35, was diagnosed in October 2010, have had surgery and fertility treatment and am about to start chemo at St Johns. Are there any others out there in a similar situation (at any stage of treatment)?

My friends have been great and are always around when i need them but would be nice to speak to others who are going through/have gone through the same. Anyone going to the YMF in Glasgow in March? I’m hoping to go, though will probably have just had my second FEC so not sure how i’ll be feeling (having not had any FEC yet!).


Bump… I have seen a few posts from Edinburgh ladies, and they regularly meet up with those in Glasgow.
Hope someone sees your post soon

Hi Al.
Marguerite is right ,there is a group of us in Edinburgh who met on here.Most are a bit further on than you,but meeting us might be a huge boost seeing those that have been through it.We ramge in age from late 20s to early sixties but we are all young at heart!
Its so good to be able to talk to people who really inderstand.
Our next meet is next Saturday,somewhere in town about 1.30.I can let you know when its decided.
The YWF is fab ,we met so many other friends ie the girls from Glasgow.
Hope to meet you soon
Love n hugs

Hello there,

Would it be possible to join with you on your next meet in Edinburgh, I am on FECx6 number 2, and then going on tamoxifen, it would help to talk and laugh with my fellow ladies…
Thanks Mim1

Hi Mim1
Yes of course you will be most welcome,theres usually plenty laughing, talking and the occassional tear or two.
I’ll try and find out where we are meeting and will let you know.

hiya Mim and Al

our next edinburgh breast buddy lunch is on the 19th feb… thats next saturday.

the table is provisionally booked at the Voodoo rooms for 12.30… ill update you if there are any changes… looking forward to seeing some new faces.

Lulu xxx

Hi Lulu, Dot, Marguerite & Mim. Thanks for the replies. I’d love to come to your next meet in Edinburgh, however, i’ve already got a pre-chemo haircut and lunch booked that day! One of my friends is keeping me company and getting hers cut too, so we thought we’d then need some lunch and maybe a glass of wine to get over the trauma (i haven’t had short hair since i was a baby…).

But i’ll keep an eye out on the posts and hopefully join you for your next one, by which time I’ll have had some FEC so catching up on the rest of you! How often do you tend to go lunching? Hope you all have a lovely time next Saturday.

Al x

we usually meet up once a month think its likely to be 26th of march so ill keep yu posted… our lunches tend to last for hours so do feel free to pop along after your hair appt if you fancy it.

ill pm you my mob no.


Hi all

I think i should be able to make it to the lunch this Sat too

Mim and Al - i was a new face at the last lunch and everyone made me feel very welcome! Only problem was trying to find the table of BCC ladies in a busy restaurant when i only knew people’s user names and not what they looked like or how many peple there would be! Luckily i was pointed in the right direction and it was the first table i tried - felt like a very bizarre blind date! Anyway if you have Lulu’s phone number you should be OK. Or just look for the bottles of pink wine on the table!


just a reminder we are booked for 12.30 at the voodoo rooms

see you there


ps emma iv pmd you too