Young women and families category


First off, I love this forum and the wonderful support, so apologies for being a bit picky on a relatively minor point. However, if there’s ever a redesign/restructure of the site, could I request that someone looks in to splitting out the categories ‘Young women’ and ‘Families’? It bothers me. And if it bothers me, I’m probably not the only one. Being a young woman with cancer is often the bit that prevents the ‘family’ thing ever happening, so it feels insensitive to mash the two together. Older women also have families. Younger women might have no interest in families, and their cancer journeys shouldn’t automatically be lumped in with discussions of fertility.

Rant over, thank you for listening! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi bookish

Thank you for your posting and sharing your thoughts.

I am making a note of this for us to look at.

Sending our warmest wishes