Younger women in Cambridgeshire

i just wondered if there are any younger ladies out there in my area. I live near Huntingdon and am being treated at Hinchingbrooke and Addenbrookes.
it would be so nice to talk to others in a similar situation. I feel quite isolated at times not having people to talk to. don’t get me wrong my friends and family have been great. but they don’t fully understand and it would nice to meet people that do.

Just bumping this for you this morning, Rae.

Thanks Lea…i just think there is a distinct lack of younger women on my part of the world. Either that or they dont use the forums!

Hi Rae, I live in St Neots and have just been diagnosed with primary breast cancer and will have an operation in Bedford on 27th November. I was looking for exactly the same a Network of younger ladies with breast cancer. As I was given a card with a support network group but they all seem over 50. I would love to join a forum group or a group that meets on a regular basis or even create a new group in our area. Would love to hear from you to share our experiences.